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10 Ideas for Do-it-Yourself Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decor

Hoping to set the scene for the perfect Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re entertaining your sweetheart or hosting a soiree for several guests (say, a wine party, for example!), you might want to try your hand at making some cute and creative homemade crafts that are sure to make your holiday decor extra special. From candleholders to centerpieces and more, here is a compilation of 10 do-it-yourself decorating ideas that definitely will create a romantic and festive mood.

DIY Valentines Day Crafts

  1. Candleholders. Used wine bottles make great candleholders. Use the entire bottle and simply insert a tapered candlestick into the mouth of the bottle (try placing the top portion into the mouth for a better fit and then burning the other end until the wick is exposed). Or cut off the bottom from any wine bottle and use it to hold tea light or votive candles. All you need to do is remove the label by soaking the bottle in sudsy water and then scrubbing off any remaining residue, cut the bottle to the desired height using a bottle cutter, and then sand the edge. You can even spray paint the bottles different colors or glue or tie stenciled letters onto the bottles to spell out a phrase … like “Be My Valentine.”
  1. Heart-Shaped Wreath. This fun idea includes using dyed coffee filters to make gorgeous roses. First, dip your filters into dye made with red or pink acrylic craft paint and water. Next, lay them on a cookie sheet between two paper towels and squeeze out as much of the dye as possible and then dry on a parchment-covered cookie sheet in the oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Next, take two filters and stick then together in the center with a dot of glue. Draw a swirl pattern, cut the swirl, and roll your flowers into roses. Next, make a heart out of a coat hanger wrapped with gray insulated tubing. Finally, take all your flowers and glue them onto the form. Voila!
  1. Yarn Letters. Need something to make your mantel shine? How about yarn-wrapped letters spelling out love, kiss, or XO? Purchase cardboard or hardwood letters and thick red and pink yarn at a craft store, and then tape the yarn to the back of each letter and start wrapping. You might even want to use hot glue to secure the yarn to the letters. Don’t want to use yarn? Opt for some glitter for your letters instead. They would look ideal sitting next to a red glitter bottle of Pinot Noir from ONEHOPE Wine, don’t you think?
  1. Cork Heart. You’ll need wine corks, a heart-shaped wooden or foam backdrop, and a hot glue gun. Start at the top of the heart and lay out all of your corks (you might even want to paint the tops of the corks red, pink and white). Once in place, glue the corks into position on the heart, and then staple a ribbon on the back to hang.
  1. Vase Display. Instead of discarding your old bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, use them as a Valentine’s Day accent for your vases by securing the trinkets onto the vase with jewelry or glass glue Try wrapping chains around bottles or creating simple designs. When the glue is dry, prime the bottles, and apply high-gloss white paint.
  1. Candy Heart Centerpiece. Get two vases (one a little thinner than the other, and both about the same height) and set the smaller one inside. Hold the smaller vase in place and pour some conversation hearts or cinnamon-flavored candies in the space between the vases, and then add water and flowers.
  1. Felt Heart Trees. All you need is red and pink felt, Styrofoam cones, and pins. Cut 2-inch strips of felt, fold them in half, and cut out a heart shape. Next, pin the hearts upside down onto the cone, starting from the bottom until all gaps are covered. Want to get fancy? Add a velvet heart as a topper.
  1. Embellished Wine Bottles. Start by spray-painting all of your bottles white. Next, wrap double-sided tape around the bottle at least three times. Use a hold puncher and pink paper to make numerous dots, sprinkle the dots onto your work surface, and start rolling your bottle.
  1. Quote-Wrapped Candles. Swap out plain candles for some sweet poem-wrapped pillars. Simply print a short quote on colored paper, cut to fit the candle, and wrap and secure with tape.
  1. Love Pillow. Dress up a plain throw pillow by adding the word love with stencils and fabric paint. Cut out your own letters or buy a set of stencils for a quick design.

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