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Big Game Food & Wine Pairings

We couldn’t be more excited for the Big Game!  Cheering on our favorite team with family and friends + great food and wine make for an unforgettable experience.  This year, we decided to pair a few of our favorite Big Game snacks with the best wines to compliment each dish.  We hope you love them!  Cheers!


Chicken Chili + Chardonnay

Everyone loves a good chili on game day. Not only will it warm you up, but when made a bit thicker, it can double as an awesome chip dip. Because the flavors of chili tend to be pretty bold, we like pairing it with a Chardonnay. Because we’re using chicken, we’d pick a well-oaked, buttery Chardonnay to be exact.

Jalapeño Popper Dip + Sauvignon Blanc

Hot food demands a chill wine. Mild Sauvignon Blanc works well to tame the flame of jalapenos nicely. Since it’s aged in stainless steel, the wine will be crisp enough to handle this dip perfectly.

Buffalo Chicken Dip + Sauvignon Blanc

Another dip for the line-up, this one is a fan favorite. Hot wings and football are best buds, but wings can leave your hands pretty messy. So we turned the famed wing into a dip to clean it up a bit and then paired it with a nice Sauvignon Blanc. Just like with the poppers, this crisp, cool wine will balance the heat of the buffalo chicken nicely.

Bison Nachos + Zinfandel

For our rose lovers, we present Bison nachos and Zinfandel! Since bison tends to be a bit leaner than ground beef, but fattier than chicken, this meat choice leads to the perfect balance of heat, savory, and crunch. The Zinfandel is the perfect balance to the fat from the meat and cheese, without being overpowered by the heat of the peppers and onions.

Deviled Eggs + Chardonnay

Try to host a party without deviled eggs- we double dog dare you! When you find that it can not be done, may we suggest pairing them with a Chardonnay? The flavors mingle well. And, if you simply must have a red, reach for a Pinot Noir.

Pork and Beef Chili + Merlot

Feel like your chili just needs red meat? Here’s an alternate recipe that calls for beef and pork. The duet of fattier meats produces a heartier chili that can support a more Earthy wine. For this reason, we suggest a Merlot with significant tannins. They’ll help dry out the mouth and tame the flames!

Brownies + Cabernet

Finally, we can’t leave you without something for the sweet tooth at the party. Brownies make for great finger food since they’re relatively clean and crumb free. Chocolate almost always plays well with red wines, especially Cabernet. Together they’ll balance the sweet and bitter flavor profiles creating a rich flavor profile that is sure to be a fan favorite!

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