BYOB: Be Your Own Boss & Join viaONEHOPE!

Have you ever thought of starting a side gig or a new full time job but never made the jump? Now you’ve got the perfect chance! viaONEHOPE is a merit-based marketing platform that allows passionate entrepreneurs to spread the ONEHOPE mission and make an income while making an impact. As a Cause Entrepreneur (CEO), we give you the necessary tools to build a cause-centric business on your own terms.

Not only do our CEO’s enjoy a welcoming community of other CEO’s who love giving back, but also they enjoy these added benefits:

1. CEO Discount– Enjoy 60% off and FREE shipping on your personal wine purchases.

2. Easy Learning– No prior wine experience needed, just follow our formula for a profitable business in one month!

3. Positive Impact– Every product makes a quantifiable positive impact on the world that you can feel good about.

4. Host Discount– Hosts at wine tastings get to purchase their wine tasting package at 60% off with FREE shipping.

5. No Requirements or Minimums– No monthly sales requirements, no commitment to monthly purchases, and no inventory.

If that’s not enough to convince you, we are offering 20% of starter kits in April! Join the movement here!


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