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Celebrate Earth Day with ONEHOPE

On April 22nd, we come together as a community—and a world—to celebrate and promote environmental protection and Earth conservation. 

With roughly one billion people recognizing Earth Day each year, The Earth Day Network says it’s the “largest secular observance in the world” and reaches people in more than 190 countries. 

At ONEHOPE, we’re proud to support our planet on this holiday and every day. As we gather worldwide for the 53rd Earth Day on April 22, 2023, here’s how we’re doing our part. 


Thoughtful Wine Production

There’s a lot that goes into our Napa Valley winery’s thoughtful wine production. We generate our own drinking water and we treat and recycle our process water used in wine production. 22% of ONEHOPE wine is bottled at a solar facility. Plus, our Napa Valley vineyard is organically farmed! 

Smart Wine Packaging

In addition to what goes inside our bottle, we’re also doing our part by thinking about the bottle itself—from glass and vendors to labels and shipping material. 

Bottles: Our bottles are made of 30% recycled glass. Check out our new Love Language Collection Red Wine, Chardonnay, and Rosé, which are made with eco glass.

Packing: Our packaging is made from 70% post-consumer material and is 100% recyclable. We only use materials we need when shipping.


Office Sustainability 

At ONEHOPE, we reduce, reuse, and recycle. We work with united farmworkers to provide fair wages, benefits, and good working conditions. We proudly participate in cork reharvest.


All About the Trees

We’ve planted over 200,000 trees, including an entire forest in Indonesia!


Donate Your Points, Plant a Tree

Did you know that if you have 464 or more reward points you can donate them to plant a tree? After you sign in, simply go to the rewards section in the drop-down menu and you’ll see the option to plant a tree under donate your points.

ONEHOPE Earth Day 

Whether you’re planting a tree, riding your bike to work, recycling, or putting those reusable bags to work at the grocery store, every individual act of conservation makes a difference. 

With ONEHOPE, you can give back to Mother Earth all year long. Choose a nonprofit that you love and we’ll give 10% back with every purchase you make.

Together, we can nourish the future for generations to come. Happy Earth Day, from our home to yours!


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