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5 Ways to Celebrate International Malbec Day

Lovers of Malbec rejoice! Turns out your favorite big, bold red wine has a day of celebration dedicated just to it.

Argentinian president Domingo Sarmiento designated April 17th to Malbec in 1853. On that day, Sarmiento vowed to transform the Argentinian wine industry, and he wanted to do it with Malbec vines brought over from France. The vine took off and the rest, as they say, is history.  In 2011 Wines of Argentina established the day as “World Malbec Day.”

Here are our five favorite ways to celebrate this heat-loving berry that creates just a rich, complex wine.

Malbec wine on a picnic blanket

Get Fancy in the Kitchen

Of course, you can drink Malbec straight up, but this year, celebrate the varietal by using it in a variety of recipes. We love this list, featuring a combination of seven cocktails and simple dishes.

Dance the Tango

If you can get to Argentina for World Malbec Day, we’re jealous. If you can’t, celebrate the way locals do- by dancing. At 1:30 pm, locals in Mendoza will sip Malbec as they watch professional dancers do the Tango. Why not take in a class at your local ballroom dancing school? You can have wine after.

Chow Down

With softer tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon and a quicker finish, Malbec does well with the lean beef associated with spring. Why not take the opportunity to create a menu dedicated to the wine? May we suggest a lean, juicy grilled hamburger topped with bleu cheese? Skewer mushrooms and red peppers for the grill, as well. Turn the event into a social gathering for your friends.

Get Social!

If you live in (or close enough to travel to) New York City or Houston, Texas, you can experience Malbec in a community setting. The city has put on events in celebration of the vine for years, and 2018 will be no different.  Check out details for the New York and Houston events, and get out there!

Find a winery!

While you may not live in Argentina, that does not mean that your local wineries aren’t producing their version of Malbec. Call ahead, of course, but if you can find a locally grown Malbec, what better way is there to celebrate the varietal than with a heavenly fresh glass?

Ready to stock up on Malbec? When you buy Malbec from ONEHOPE, you’re getting a great bottle from Uco Valley of Argentina and supporting biological studies targeted at curing Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to order your bottle.

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