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Ever Dream of Working for a Winery?

Have you ever visited your favorite tasting room and as you learn more about the pairings, notes, and how the wine is made you think to yourself, “wow, I’d love to do this for a living”? With ONEHOPE, that dream can easily become a reality. 

onehope wine tasting flight

Earn an Income Sharing Award-Winning Wines

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a novice who enjoys the occasional sip, there’s always a seat for you at our table. At ONEHOPE, we provide an opportunity where you can join a community of wine lovers and do-gooders that are on a mission to change the world. 

As a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur, you can work from anywhere, be your own boss, and earn money sharing award-winning wines with friends and family. From virtual events with our best-selling tasting flights, to at-home get-togethers where you can sample 90+ point wines while fundraising for a cause you’re passionate about, each Cause Entrepreneur can earn commission for sharing our wines and our mission, all while doing what they love. 

onehope winery napa valley

How It Works

When enrolling as a Cause Entrepreneur, you’ll receive a Join Kit with two optional wine kit add-ons, that comes with everything you need to launch a successful business. We’ll provide you with a personalized website where friends and family can shop our award-winning Napa Valley wines, and you’ll earn commission with every purchase. Commissions are up to 25%, in addition to unlimited bonuses for growing and mentoring a team. 

If you have friends and family interested in hosting a fundraising event, you can help them select wines for their in-person or virtual tasting, choose a nonprofit, send out RSVPs, and create a one-of-a-kind experience where they can mix, mingle, and make an impact. You’ll earn commission on every sale before, during, and after the event, and they’ll earn Host Rewards that can be redeemed for discounts on wine, or donated to a ONEHOPE featured nonprofit.

onehope tasting room

A Passion with Perks

In addition to earning an income sharing wine, you’ll enjoy amazing benefits like world-class wine education from our Head Winemaker, Mari Wells-Coyle, incentive trips to exotic destinations and visits to our winery and tasting room in Napa, annual conferences, and lifelong friendships with like-minded wine lovers that are here to make a difference. 

Ready to Learn More?

Visit our Join page to learn more about becoming a part of this passionate community, or click here to enroll today if you just can’t wait to get started!


The ONEHOPE Wine team

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