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Our Favorite Fall Sangria and Mulled Wine Recipes

Fall is the perfect time to conjure up a warm mug of spiced wine and enjoy good friends and bonfires. Brewing up mulled wine makes you feel cozy from the inside out and leaves your kitchen smelling magical. We love the warmth that comes from mulled wine and sangria recipes, so we couldn’t resist the chance to share a few of our favorites with you.

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Spiced Mulled Wine

You’ll need Cabernet, honey, apple cider, Grand Marnier, an orange, cinnamon, cloves, and about 30 minutes to prep it all. You’ll warm everything together in a saucepan over medium heat on the stove. The scent will fill the kitchen as the flavors blend, and in a half hours’ time you’re ready to stir, strain, and serve. Here’s the whole recipe.

Another mulled wine recipe that we’re wild about is this one. It uses a whole 20 cloves to bring out a rich spice bouquet that, when paired with the tangerines and apples in the recipe, create a divine flavor profile. This wine calls for two types of alcohol, a Port and a Merlot, leading up to an indulgent fall favorite.

Fall Sangria

Take this summer infusion and set it to the backdrop of fall. We trade out the summer berries with fall fruits like apples and oranges, but the essence of sangria stays the same. Fall sangrias still bring table wine, juices, and fruits together to create a beverage that is as beautiful as it is drinkable. We’re especially fond of the cranberry sangria mentioned in this article. With ten perfect fall sangrias to try, you’ll have plenty of variety on your table.

Spiked Cider

Finally, let’s talk about apple cider. Served warm, this beverage is just about synonymous with fall. While you can always buy it at the grocery store, we’re far larger fans of creating your own family recipe. We’re sure you’ve tripped across liquor spiked ciders over the years, they’re popular, but it turns out that red wine infused cider is equally spirited and delicious. Pinot Noir is the red wine of choice, though anything that is equally bodied should work fine. Blend the wine with a bit of rum and that same grocery store cider for a real treat. Here’s the full recipe.

Do remember that a big part of fall wine is in the presentation. We love copper mugs, even ceramic mugs, but anything that locks in the heat. If your beverage features floating fruits or spices, clear glass mugs can also provide a festive flare. Of course, a cinnamon stick floating atop the beverage is the perfect visual complement to these big flavors of fall.

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