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Fighting Against Cancer with ONEHOPE

February is national cancer prevention month. With an estimated 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in 2017, and a 67% five-year survival rate, it’s becoming more and more likely than cancer will touch someone in your life. These numbers have Americans seeking ways to educate themselves on living healthier lifestyles, prevent getting cancer, and better ways of improving survival once diagnosed.

Despite the scary-sounding statistics of newly diagnosed patients, statistics show that we’re making great strides in the fight against cancer. New cases are falling at a rate of about 1% per year, death rates are falling at a rate of 1.5% per year, and the 5-year survivability rate is up more than 20% over the last 35 years.

As part of National Cancer Prevention month, we’re pleased to showcase our wines and gift baskets that help in the fight against cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Education

Each bottle purchased will help educate 100 women on their unique risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer. With early detection, ovarian cancer has a 92% five-year survival rate. With the help of these wine sales, we have been able to educate more than 3.5 million women about ovarian cancer.

Single Bottles:

Central Coast Reserve Rosé, $24.99California Rosé, $19.99

Sonoma Reserve Rosé, $24.99

North Coast Reserve Sparkling Rosé, $39.99

Côtes de Provence Reserve Rosé, $24.99

Gift Sets:

Rosé and Macrame, $69.00

Supporting Breast Cancer Education

These bottles help in the fight against breast cancer. Due to breakthroughs in clinical trials, 67% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are expected to survive. For every two cases of wine sold from this category, our donations will help fund 1 clinical trial for a woman fighting breast cancer. To date, more than 18,000 women have received trial treatments as part of this program.

Single Bottles:


California Chardonnay, $19.99

Gift Sets:

Two Bottle Wood Gift Box, $54.00


Three Bottle Wood Gift Box, $74.00

Four Bottle California Mix Wine Wood Gift Box, $84.00

Prostate Cancer Screening

These bottles help provide men with prostate cancer screening. With early detection, upwards of 99% of men can survive more than five years following diagnosis. Every four bottles of wine sold in this collection will fund 1 screening for a man in need.


29 Twelve California Dessert Wine, $34.99

In the cases of most cancers, early detection can save a life. Learn more about early detection and cancer survivability, here.


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