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Halloween Candy & Wine Pairings

Just because you’re too old to go trick-or-treating shouldn’t mean that you miss out on all the candy eating! Some of the perks of being an adult are that you can drink wine whenever you want, and eat as much candy as you’d like without it being taken away by your parents before bed. While some might take this privilege for granted, we suggest you make the most of it with our classic Halloween candy and wine pairings below! 

Halloween Candy And Wine Pairings

The bright, bubbly, and citrusy taste of our Sparkling Brut pairs perfectly with the sweet, sour, and zesty flavors of Sour Patch Kids. We loved tasting the transition of bubbly, to sour, to sweet with this whimsical combination!

Wine and M&M's

Big, bold, and beautiful, our Red Blend has delicious notes of complex berries and cocoa. Try it with some classic M&M’s that are sure to bring out the touch of sweetness in this blend!

Wine Gummy Bears

This Pinot Grigio is bright, refreshing, and bursting with intense fruit. Enjoy the flavor party in your mouth as you try some tasty gummy bears with this zesty white!

Almond Joy Wine Pairings

Since coconut macaroons were already a pairing recommendation for our Chardonnay, we thought it was only fitting to pair this delicious white with the most iconic coconut candy around!

Merlot and Reese's

This rich and opulent Merlot has an off-dry sweetness and bold notes of dark fruit that will go beautifully with the creamy milk chocolate and peanut butter filling of a Reese’s!

Wine Starburst

Refreshing and aromatic, our Sparkling Rosé is begging to be paired with a fruity candy. Pop a bottle and try a different flavor of Starburst with each sip to see how well they go together!

Candy and Wine Pairings

Our Pinot Noir and brownies are already a match made in heaven, so you can pretty much guarantee that any chocolate will go well with this varietal! If you need to choose however, we recommend going with Twix since the smooth caramel will go beautifully with the silky tannins of this wine.

Wine Skittles

The bright citrus and tropical notes in our Sauvignon Blanc will truly bring out the fruity flavors in a pack of skittles!

Wine and Hershey Kisses

With notes of dark berries, toffee, and a hint of vanilla, this Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine to enjoy with some classic milk chocolate Hershey Kisses!

Have a Scary Good Hallowine!

We hope you enjoyed these wine and candy pairings as much as we did making them! Have a  safe, happy, and scary good Halloween!


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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