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5 Tips for Halloween Decorating

Grab your pumpkins and bust out the candy, because Halloween is nearly upon us. To set the spooktacular scene for one of our favorite holidays, we’re diving into our top five decor tips. 

Get ready to throw the ultimate Hallo-wine party with ONEHOPE! (Hint: our Halloween Etched Shimmer bottle is included!)

1. Craft a Halloween Charcuterie Board 

No Halloween party is complete without all the sweetest candy pairings. Keep things simple by scattering bowls of candy throughout your space to encourage taste-testing, or make it a bit more elevated with a Halloween charcuterie board. Watch this video to get some candy-pairing inspiration from our own gastronomic guru, Dan Gora, and the ultimate Hallo-Wine enthusiast, Mari Wells Coyle. Or, take a peek at this stunning charcuterie board from Foxes Love Lemons if you’re feeling extra creative.

2. Decorate with ONEHOPE Wine!

With bottles like our Cheers Witches Etched Shimmer and Rosie & River Pinot Noir, it’s easy to set the scene and let your bar steal the show. For the best “BOOzy” Halloween bar, opt for dark glassware and leave space for festive decor items (like cobwebs and creepy crawlies for those of you who are on the scarier side, or pumpkins and orange twinkle lights for those opting for something a little more whimsical). 

Cheers Witches by ONEHOPE

3. Set up a Photo Booth

Gathering some simple items for a Halloween photo booth is a super fun way to kick your party up a notch and make things interactive. Pick a plain corner in your home and decorate it with black and orange balloons, streamers, and perhaps—a skeleton or two. You can also go the easy route and cut out some simple black bats to tape to the wall for a cute and minimal backdrop. Whatever direction you decide, make sure to have a couple of extra bottles of ONEHOPE on hand to use as props, and encourage your party-goers to tag us at @onehope and #onehopehallowine!

Fall with ONEHOPE Wine

4. Make a Harvest House

Make your house a “harvest house” by utilizing harvest-inspired decorations. Think: fall festival! Grab cornstalks, pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows to create a lively and cute autumn atmosphere. If you’re in an area where leaves are changing colors, gather some up to scatter about—or purchase harvest-colored florals and place bouquets around your home. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful vibe that just florals, pumpkins, and candles can create. Add the Halloween playlist, pour the wine, and you’ll be set!

Fall with ONEHOPE

5. Focus on Simple Swaps

One of the best tips when it comes to decorating your home for Halloween is to make simple swaps. To avoid having things feel cluttered, first, do a little “de-decorating”. Swap out some yearlong shelf items for pumpkins or decor, and clear your counters to make room for candy bowls, wine bottles, and florals. To give your decor a cohesive look, focus on a color scheme—like oranges and greens or blacks and purples. 

Pumpkins by ONEHOPE Wine

Hosting a Hallo-wine party with ONEHOPE is easy. Set up your fundraiser link and make the most of your Halloween celebrations this year by giving back. Each purchase you and your guests make gives 10% back to the cause of your choice and helps make a lasting impact in the world.

Happy Hallo-wine from us, to you!

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