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Holiday Gift Wrapping

If you’ve ever tried gift wrapping a wine bottle, you know how tricky it can be to figure out the best way to present it. You cut wrapping paper, twist and turn, try using tape, and ultimately end up going with a wine gift bag from the store. Well fear not, for we have some amazing, and easy, gift wrapping ideas that you can try this year! Add a personal touch using these unique wrapping techniques that will truly wow your recipient!

how to wrap a wine bottle

Wrap #1: The Quarter Wrap

Fold your towel into quarters lengthwise. Wrap it around your bottle, tie with ribbon or twine, and finish with a sprig of cedar. 

Wrap #2: The Bandana

Fold your towel into a triangle, wrap around the bottle and knot. Tuck an evergreen sprig between the knot and the bottle to keep it simple and sophisticated. 

Wrap #3: The Bandeau

Follow the instructions for The Bandana, but tuck the ends in between the bottle and towel so they are hidden. Adorn with seasonal clippings and voilà! 

Wrap #4: The Blouse

Lay your towel flat and center the bottle upright. Grab the corners and pull towards the neck until it gathers into a bag shape. Tie a piece of ribbon towards the top of the bottle. Let the loose fabric fall and fluff!

For more ideas on how to wrap a wine bottle and gift box for the holidays, visit our Pinterest Board below!

wine bottle gift wrapping ideas

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