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#Holidaycheers Influencer Roundup

Looks like the secret is out! ONEHOPE wine is a great gift idea for just about anyone on your list, and we love that people all over social media are catching on. We took some time to round-up shots of ONEHOPE gift bundles and products popping up on Instagram, and thought we’d share them with you!


Image source: TangerineDesert

TangerineDesert shared an image of our Californian gift box. Not only does it give you a bottle of wine, snacks, and a candle, it also plants one tree for every set purchased.


Image source: Gutstadt

Gutstadt helped provide job training for a homeless individual working on getting back on their feet. She also got a bottle of wine and a gold necklace to go with all of that goodwill! It’s all part of our Giving Keys gift box.


Image source: Rex Von Deutsch

Rex_von_Deutsch pampered her pooch with our Napa Picnic Crate. As noted- it’s a great way to get over a bad case of the Mondays, all while helping the Earth. Every picnic crate sold means one new tree will be planted.


Image source: Householdmagny

Householdmagny knows sometimes it’s great to gift yourself! She celebrated her husband’s 30th birthday over a bottle of ONEHOPE and we were pleased to be part of the celebration.

Image source: Thestinkerdoodles

More cute pooch photos coming your way! Thestinkerdoodles posted this shot of pooch with a water bottle. It’s part of Napa Picnic Crate! This gift helps plant trees in deforested areas of the world’s rainforests.


Image source: Lifeofalley

We just love this shot from lifeofalley. She used a red glitter bottle to dress up her Holiday table, all while helping to prevent heart disease. This bottle of Pinot Noir educates a family of five on their risk factors for heart disease. Plus, it’s beautiful!


Image source: Itssangtime

Itssangtime gave our Californian gift box a shout out! Her box plants a tree, but as she noted, we have all kinds of charities in our program, allowing everyone to find a cause that they’re passionate about supporting!


Image source: Kimberryyy

Kimberrryyy is no stranger to our products! In this shot, she’s showing off one of our great gift crates. But check out the background! She has a whole collection of our gold glitter bottles on display! Those shimmery bits of beauty support ending childhood hunger by providing 15 meals to kids in need. Shop the whole collection, here.


Image source: Francynancita

We see you, fancynancita! She shared this image of our Frose kit! It’s perfect for a girlfriend’s night in! It also helps educate 100 women on risks factors for ovarian cancer.


Image source: Feedmedearly

Speaking of Rose, check out this image of our Rose Macramé kit! Shared by Feedmedearly, it is wine and craft rolled into one. It also educates on risk factors for ovarian cancer.


Image source: Strollerinthecity

Finally, check out Strollerinthecity! She’s showing off our Pumpkin Spice Latte Gift Box. It not only includes wine, a scented candle, and treats, but also provides a full year of clean drinking water to someone in need. Now that’s a win-win!

Do you love our products? We’d love to see them on Instagram! Be sure to use #onehope and #winenot on your posts!

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