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Hosting Tips from ONEHOPE

You’ve connected with a Cause Entrepreneur, set a date, ordered your wine, and are getting ready for your at-home wine tasting with ONEHOPE! So what’s next? Here are a few tips from our team to help you send out invitations, set up, and raise as much funds and awareness as possible for your cause of choice. 

Spread the Word

When in doubt, be sure to over-invite for your event! If you’re hoping to have at least 10 guests at your wine tasting, aim to invite at least 40 people from your inner circles since likely ¼ will be able to attend. Invite a variety of friends that include wine lovers, gift givers, and friends who share your passion for giving back.

Send a personalized text, email, or phone call to friends, family, and coworkers about your upcoming tasting, the nonprofit you chose, and why it is meaningful to you. Let your invitees know that 10% of event proceeds will be donated to your nonprofit, so they can drink wine and do good! 

Don’t forget! If guests aren’t able to attend, you can share your event link with them so they can shop online and support your cause even after the tasting has concluded!

Finishing Touches

Your invites are sent, your RSVP’s are collected, and it’s time to set up for your wine tasting! You’ll only need one glass per guest and that can be anything from stemware to plastic tumblers- whatever works best for you!

For decorations, don’t overthink it! You can easily set the mood for your event with some background music, candles, and flowers in the room where your tasting will take place!

Easy Food Pairings

If you want to include some light food pairings for your event, take a look at the hosting flyer that came with your wines for simple and delicious ideas! For example, if you’re tasting white wines at your event, you can include a number of cheeses like goat, brie, or cheddar, along with a few fruits like pears and apples to compliment the flavor of your varietals. 

There’s no need to order an extravagant catered dinner. Keep it simple with something sweet, and something salty that will give your guests just a little nibble to enjoy between wines!

Share your Favorites

Don’t be shy and be sure to interact with your guests at the tasting to share your favorite wines! Tell them about your nonprofit of choice and why it’s near and dear to your heart so they know all about the cause they are supporting with their purchase.

Join as a Cause Entrepreneur

If you loved hosting your tasting, sharing wines, and giving back, why not make an income at the same time? Join as a Cause Entrepreneur with ONEHOPE and work from home, collect orders through your personal website, and earn money while making a difference. Click the button below to get started!

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The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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