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How to Add Florals to Your Favorite Drinks


Spring has sprung, and the season of sunshine and porch wine is upon us! If you have a bridal shower, bachelorette, brunch, baby shower, or just a fun ladies get together coming up and want to really wow your guests, see how you can add floral elements to your cocktails and wine below!

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Floral Ice Cubes

One of the simplest ways to elevate a drink or wine bucket is by adding edible flowers to your ice cubes! To do this, all you’ll need is edible flower cuttings (without the stems), water, and an ice cube tray.

Some great edible flowers include hibiscus, pansies, roses, violets, lavender, and borage blossoms to name a few! You can find them at your local farmer’s market, grocery store, or Home Depot/ Lowe’s. Call ahead and make sure they have the specific flower you want in stock!

Place a combination of whole flowers and petals in your ice cube trays and fill with water. Place in the freezer until set. Pop out of the trays, place in glasses, or lay them at the bottom of a clear wine chiller for a gorgeous wine display!

Garnish a Cocktail

Make your cocktail feel light, bright, and festive with the addition of a floral garnish. Whether it’s a sprig of lavender, a whole pansy, or an herb like rosemary, adding a living element to your cocktail will truly take the sensory experience to the next level.

Use it as a Cocktail Ingredient

If you love floral flavors, incorporate them into your cocktail recipes! A lavender simple syrup, or hibiscus liqueur are perfect for adding into your signature spring drink!

We hope you enjoyed these fun and simple ways to add florals to your favorite drinks! For more recipes, tips and tricks, follow us on social and check back on the blog for new posts every week!


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