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How to Pair Thanksgiving Dishes with Wine

Thanksgiving with ONEHOPE

Every Thanksgiving recipe has layers of flavor and subtle nuances that make it special and nostalgic. So why pick just one varietal to have with your Thanksgiving dinner, when you can enjoy several wines that bring out the unique tastes of each dish? Check out our suggestions for wines that pair with these classic Thanksgiving recipes below!

Mahogany Stuffed Turkey

Turkey and wine pairing

Vintner: Pinot Noir

Intense aromas and integrated flavors of black and red berries with a touch of cinnamon make our pinot noir the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving bird. This wine is true to the varietal with silky and fine grain tannins amusing to the palate – the perfect pairing to traditional herbaceous stuffed turkey.

Reserve: Russian River Pinot Noir

Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley grows some of the most elegant and sophisticated Pinot Noir. Flavorful cherry and black raspberry are coupled by earthy forest aromas and classic spearmint which pair deliciously with a traditional herbaceous Thanksgiving bird and stuffing. With a mouthfeel that’s both ethereal and velvety in texture as it melts into a soft finish, this combination will be a memorable highlight for your dinner guests this holiday.

Country Bread Stuffing

Stuffing and wine pairing

Reserve+: Rutherford Estate Cabernet (Block 1 & 5)

With notes of caramelized brown sugar, cigar box spiciness, dried black cherry, and supple velvety tannin, our Rutherford Estate Cabernet is iconic, memorable, and will be that perfect full-bodied edition to your Thanksgiving table. 21 months in 100% new French oak, gave this wine its brown sugar and spice notes that are are perfect for the herbaceous characteristics of the stuffing and beyond at your holiday meal.

Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Meringue

Thanksgiving wine pairings

Vintner: Red Blend

Big and bold flavors with complex berries and cocoa aromas make this red blend perfect for the baking spices and subtle sweetness present in this Thanksgiving staple. Toasted meringue is a light, unexpected surprise to the dish that is a wonderful complement to the depth and richness of our red blend.

Reserve: Napa Valley Red Blend

Full of personality and stuffed with fruit, this red blend is simply delicious. Pretty black cherry and plum flesh deliver juiciness to a palate full of fine grain tannin. Aromatic cinnamon and dark cocoa persist well into the finish and perfectly complement the baking spices of the sweet potatoes and decadent toasted notes of the meringue.

Green Bean Casserole with Savory Granola

Green bean casserole and wine

Vintner: Sauvignon Blanc

Expressive and bright with citrus and tropical notes. This is a classic California Sauvignon Blanc with a tangy finish with aromatic bursts – perfect for those fresh, green notes in the dish, yet acidic enough to cut through the cream and mushroom of the casserole.

Reserve+: Rutherford Estate Fumé Blanc

Our fumé blanc consists of 100% sauvignon blanc estate grown at our flagship in Rutherford, Napa Valley. With intense aromatics on the nose and great fruit character on the palate, this wine is also rounded out with a little more body than traditional sauvignon blanc due to 10 months of oak aging. This wine is a perfect complement to the green notes in the beans, while also having a little more structure to hang with the creamy characteristics of the casserole base.

Brussels Sprout and Persimmon Salad

Salad and wine pairing

Vintner: Cabernet Sauvignon

Our cabernet offers a big mouth full of dark berries and toffee with an echo of vanilla, pairing wonderfully with the nutty and bitter characteristics of brussels sprouts. The persimmon and pomegranate arils of the salad offer bright notes that really bring out the fruit in the cabernet.

Reserve: Monterey County Riesling

Our Monterey Riesling shows expressive stone fruits, kiwi flower aromas, and a touch of citrus zest in the finish. With slight minerality, this riesling possesses the perfect combination of flavors for brussels sprouts salad with their slightly bitter, yet nutty undertones and the bright flavors from the persimmon and pomegranates.

Lemon-Cranberry Sauce with Pomegranate

Cranberry sauce and wine

Vintner: Sparkling Rosé

Our sparkling rosé is full of fresh berry aromas with refreshing palate. Savory and delightful, this new wine boasts pippin apple, a touch of florals, and hints of pomegranate that pair perfectly with the bright citrus, cranberry tang, and pomegranate in this Thanksgiving side – delicious!

Reserve: Celebration Brut Sparkling Wine

This wine is explosive in aroma of golden apple, fresh pear, and citrus, making it the perfect complement to the tart and bright citrus notes in this sauce.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie and wine

Vintner: Chardonnay

Layered with vanilla cream and intense citrus aromas, our Chardonnay is the perfect pairing to your decadent pumpkin pie! The palate is rich and viscous with a lasting finish like merengue. The soft acidity works wonderfully with a buttery pie crust.

Reserve: Carneros Chardonnay

Our Carneros Chardonnay is well-balanced, exhibiting crisp tropical fruit, apple and pear flavors with light floral elements. Hints of vanilla with a lingering oak finish make this wine wonderfully enjoyable with the buttery crust and baking spices in pumpkin pie.

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with great food, amazing wine, and the ones you love.


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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