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International Women’s Day Wine Guide (2018)


International Women’s Day is March 8th and has been celebrated since 1909. Founders envisioned the day as a way to celebrate the efforts made for women’s rights. While the day was originally observed primarily in communist nations, it picked up the international appeal in 1975 after the United Nations formally adopted it. While a bill was introduced to formally recognize the day in the USA, no vote on the issue was ever brought to the House or Senate floor.

Despite the lack of a formal designation, many in the USA have begun to recognize and celebrate the day. Many countries celebrate the day by giving the women in their lives small tokens of affection. In Italy, the custom is for men to present women with mimosas. In the spirit of Italy, here are our four favorite ONEHOPE gifts to give on International Women’s Day 2018.

Rosé Macramé Gift Box

The perfect gift to give, this gift set features a bottle of our ONEHOPE Reserve Central Coast Rosé as well as a how-to kit teaching how to make a macramé plant hanger. This gift box supports women by educating about ovarian cancer. Each box purchased will help educate 100 women on their unique risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer. With early detection, ovarian cancer has a 92% five-year survival rate.

Other gifts that help women are sorted by cause.

Support Ovarian Cancer Education

Just like our Rose & Macramé gift box, these products will support women’s health. Every item sold will help us add to the more than 3.5 million women that we’ve already helped educate about ovarian cancer. This disease doesn’t have to be deadly, and boasts one of the best survival rates of all cancers, so long as doctors can identify patients early. That means your gift from this category could save lives.

Single Bottles

North Coast Reserve Sparkling Rose

Cotes de Provence Reserve Rose

Sonoma Reserve Rose

California Rose

Central Coast Reserve Rose

Support Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer

The fight against breast cancer is making breakthroughs all the time. Some of these breakthroughs are the result of clinical trials of new treatments. Today 67% of those diagnosed with cancer will survive. Your purchase of a wine in this category goes towards funding a clinical trial for one woman living with breast cancer. We’ve funded more than 18,000 clinical trials through this project, and have no doubt touched the lives of many, many more.

Single Bottles

California Chardonnay

Mixed Sets

California White & Sparkling Mixed Pack

Best of California Mixed Pack

Looking for other ways to get involved? This year’s theme is #PressForProgress and is looking for volunteers and participants across the USA. Look for a March or event near you, or learn more about the 2018 theme, by visiting the organization’s website, here.

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