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Introducing herstory by ONEHOPE

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the ONEHOPE portfolio—herstory, a trio of Italian wines born from the idea that “every wine has a story—every woman does, too.” Join us as we celebrate women who are serving their communities around the world.

herstory trio

Behind the Collection

We believe that every wine has a story—and every woman does, too. herstory is one of empowerment, resilience, and bravery. herstory is her own story—but together, with the strength of her community, her story inspires many stories. And her voice is the line that connects us all.

Developing the line work for the labels was the most challenging yet rewarding aspect of the concept. We knew we wanted to honor the impact women were making globally, so we set out to represent diverse identities without stereotypes. We did this through many iterations–adjusting the emotion through line weight–and developed a series of 10 final illustrations that include women of different cultures, race, gender identities, and abilities.

The labels are organic and warm, made from a felty cotton paper, illustrating a minimal feminine figure drawn in soft gray linework resembling a charcoal pencil. The ONEHOPE logo is foil stamped in a matte gold foil to match the capsule and to sophistication to the package. The embellishments are clean and simple while the label shapes are a symbol to female silhouettes.

herstory trio

Celebrating Women Around the World

When you choose ONEHOPE, you help fund projects that support women in communities around the world. 

In a remote village of La Guajira, Colombia, Sylvia Lopez is the devoted leader of the Amuyuwoü community who works to provide basic needs and a thriving future for the Amuyuwoü children through education, health, and resources. In the past decade, Sylvia has helped secure a water tower, basic showers and toilets, a Wi-Fi tower, and a two-room school where she herself is a teacher.

Through the support of ONEHOPE and Givepower, our team was on the ground helping to provide the village with resources so that women and families in the community thrive. This is one of hundreds of stories where your contribution has made a significant impact.

Read the full story here.

Tasting herstory

This new collection features three unique flavors for you to explore—Italian Prosecco, Italian Rosato, and Italian Primitivo. Whichever one you reach for first, each of these wines is filled with flavors and begs for a culinary experience to go along with it, from prosciutto pizza to lemon cake.

2021 Italian Prosecco


This bubbly Brut has a balanced acidity, a light body, and an off-dry sweetness with notes of pear and green apple.


Pairs well with an aperitif, fruit and cheese plates, seafood chowder, and lemon cake.

2021 Italian Rosato


This Rosato has low acidity and a medium body with notes of rose petal, white strawberry, and cherry candy.


Pairs well with watermelon jerky, prosciutto pizza, and lemon risotto.

2021 Italian Primitivo


This dry red wine has a high acidity and medium body with notes of violet, sweet oak, dark cherry, and mocha.


Pairs well with savory lamb and pasta puttanesca.

At ONEHOPE, we believe your story matters. We see your story as your compass, your purpose. And our hope is that this collection inspires women around the world to share their own story.

After all, every wine has a story–every woman does, tooHead to our herstory page to read more about this collection and to become part of the herstory movement.

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