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How to Make Your New Years Eve Instaworthy

Instagram is all about capturing a memory in a single shot. And, if we’re honest, it’s a bit about wanting that moment to look so amazing that everyone who wasn’t there with you will wish that they had been. So, how do you make your New Year’s Instaworthy? Get lots of likes with these simple steps.

new years eve party

  1. Pack the Place

    Your cat may be cute, but a party needs people. Make sure that your event will have plenty of people in attendance. It helps if they’re outgoing, photogenic, and have their own Instagram profile that you can tag, too.

  2. Pour the Punch

    It’s no secret that alcohol can cause people to let their inhibitions down. Having a well-stocked bar is a great way to motivate your party peers to take more photos. In fact, why not set up a mini-bar area at your party. If it has good lighting, it serves as the perfect backdrop for an instant insta-sensation.

  3. Don’t overdo it.

    Yes, we just suggested having a well-stocked bar. And we are a wine enthusiast website. But drink responsibly, and don’t over consume. Doing that leads to Instagram shots you’ll wish you’d never taken. If they do go viral, it’ll be for all of the wrong reasons. Have fun, but do use moderation with your alcohol intake.

  4. Turn it up!

    Music is a great way to get people excited and feeling loose. Dancing encourages people to get close to one another, and that often leads to great photos.

  5. Photo Fantastic.

    If you have space, consider making your own photo booth. Most party supply stores will sell the props that you’ll need (think silly hats, glasses, and mustaches on a stick) for pretty cheap. After that, drape a bed sheet as a backdrop and make sure the lighting is complimentary. Wham-O! An instant way to get people taking photos!

  6. Décor Matters.

    Hang a disco ball if you have it, and if not, hit the dollar store for some themed decorations. It’ll create a great backdrop for your photos.

  7. Hashtag Harmony.

    Make sure to use appropriate hashtags when you do post your Instagram shots. It’ll help others find and like your photos!

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