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Meet the Cause Entrepreneur: Kelly

It truly inspires us to hear about the goals, passions, and aspirations of our Cause Entrepreneurs. Learning about their ‘why’ and discovering what it means to them to have a flexible job where they can give back to nonprofits brings us pure joy. Meet one of our Cause Entrepreneurs, Kelly, below and find out about her mission, drive, and the amazing things she’s doing with her ONEHOPE income.

1. What does giving back mean to you?

It is an expression of gratitude for the life I have been blessed with. It’s coming from a place of abundance, knowing I can never out give what I have been given.

2. Did you have sales experience prior to joining ONEHOPE as a Cause Entrepreneur?

I was never drawn to sales. I got a job once for an insurance agent which was supposed to be clerical but turned out to be telemarketing. I tried to embrace it but I walked in one day to a huge stack of phone numbers and ran out in tears. I never went back. That was in my very early 20’s, many, MANY years ago, lol! Other than that, I tried my hat at party plan sales with a couple of cooking product companies.

3. How would you describe a wine tasting party to someone who’s never been to one before?

Oh my gosh, it’s so much fun! Imagine your friends and family gathered together in your home to relax, enjoying a Napa-style wine tasting experience and hearing about amazing causes. It’s seriously a fun and unique way to spend time together.

What’s your favorite ONEHOPE wine to enjoy during Spring? I am really enjoying the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It’s flavor profile has this way of waking up my palate. Perfect pairing with Spring, a season of awakening!

4. Did you have a launch party when you first started? If so, what was it like?

I did… actually it was more like a series of them! I was pretty new to my community at the time and so I didn’t have a big circle of friends yet. I think my mom, husband and daughter came to the very first one. I had decided to offer a weekly tasting on Fridays before our cities “Evening at the Bowl” concerts. I started connecting with local nonprofits and inviting people I would meet through that activity to my Friday tastings. By the third or fourth week we had a full house! It was a blast having so many people in our home who were all connected through volunteering for different organizations. Most came as strangers and left as friends.

5. Knowing what you do now, what is one piece of advice you would have given yourself when you first got started as a Cause Entrepreneur?

Don’t be afraid to start thinking about how to build your business. Have fun with the tastings and start learning how to use them to grow a well-rounded network. Be intentional about it.

6. What makes ONEHOPE different from other job opportunities?

I’m writing these answers while watching my granddaughters play outside. I can’t think of another job that gives me that kind of freedom. I love the flexibility and the earning potential. I can choose to give myself a raise just by choosing to work!

7. Which ONEHOPE cause partner are you most passionate about and why?

It’s hard to choose just one, but I’d have to say that after hearing about the work of Gateway for Cancer Research at CRUSH last year, they moved to the top for me. My dad passed away from brain cancer in 2016. Knowing that they are committed to finding drugs to treat tumors that the restore quality of life for patients touches me deeply.

8. What have you used your extra income from ONEHOPE for?

We have taken a couple of amazing vacations! And we also used my income to start a small business of our own, a vintage trailer we converted into a mobile bar! (<— How cool is that?!)

9. What does the future look like for your career with ONEHOPE?

My next goal is to bring my husband home to work with me. He has been the full-time provider for our family for the last 26 years. I’d like to take over that responsibility. So I’m here for the long term!

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