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Meet the Cause Entrepreneur: Leigh

Each cause entrepreneur with ONEHOPE has a unique background and story to tell. With a variety of different work experiences, and home bases spread across the U.S., no two CE’s are alike. However, one thing that they all have in common is the mission and vision to change the world together. This month we interviewed one of our rising stars in the ONEHOPE community, Leigh, to learn a bit more about how she found us, her favorite wines, and what causes are near and dear to her heart.

ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur1. What initially drew you to ONEHOPE?

The first time I heard about ONEHOPE was in the fall of 2016. I saw a post on Facebook, I don’t even know who posted it, and I just remembered seeing the wine tasting events but knew I didn’t have the time to get involved with anything because I was a jewelry sales rep/merchandiser traveling way too much. That company filed bankruptcy in Dec 2016 leaving me with more free time.

In February 2017 I saw a post on Facebook again that ONEHOPE was doing a Sip and Share in Philadelphia. Years ago I had told a friend I needed to sell wine and do wine tasting parties but at the time in Pennsylvania you could not do this. So I was so excited to attend this event! Unfortunately I ended up getting sick and was not able to make the Philly event.

Then in April 2017 I was in my chiropractor’s office and they were getting ready to do a fundraiser for The Laurel House, my chiropractor said “my patient (who happened to be in the office at that time ) is going to do wine tasting at the event!” I asked what’s the name of the company and she said viaONEHOPE!!! I told her we needed to talk since this was the 3rd time I had heard about this company and knew nothing about it. Stephanie Heart and I spoke the next night and she told me all about the mission and the charitable aspect. The charitable aspect was what really drew me into the company, and the wine attraction made it even better. I signed up the next night and well… the rest has been a whirlwind!

2. What is your favorite aspect about the ONEHOPE community?

What I love most about ONEHOPE is all of the kindness in the community. People you don’t even know are offering sincere advice and help on Facebook. I attended CRUSH last year (our yearly ONEHOPE Wine conference) not really knowing anyone but Laura Demetriou and Amanda Knight, who I traveled with to California, and came home having made so many new friends. CRUSH was just like a family reunion, even though I had just met everyone there. So much good in our community!!

3. How does it feel to be a part of a community that’s dedicated to making an impact?

I absolutely LOVE this part of ONEHOPE. It’s amazing. It makes me feel happy knowing that everything I sell is helping to make an impact in the lives of others, both in my community and globally.   

4. Share your favorite ONEHOPE memory (so far) with us:

This is hard, so many good memories already! Connecticut Training in October with Katie Allen and of course Meghan Graham. CRUSH 2017 and Mexico 2018 are also close favorites.

5. What’s your favorite ONEHOPE wine?

Our Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet.

6. Why did you choose ONEHOPE over another direct selling opportunities?

Sometimes I feel like ONEHOPE found me (pretty much did) but what I like best about ONEHOPE compared to other Direct selling companies is our uniqueness. Our product and mission is completely different than any other I have be involved with. It’s not your typical party plan. People are naturally drawn to helping. I still remember at one of my first tastings I had almost an $800 order from just one person. She said she was happy to place the order because she knew it was going to help our local food pantry.

7. What is your favorite gift box we offer and why?

My favorite gift box is the Celebration Gift Pack. I was so touched and drawn to the organization after hearing about them at CRUSH 2017, and our brut is one of my favorites. The Celebration Set is a great gift for birthdays, engagements, and just celebrating!!

8. How would you describe a wine tasting event to someone who has never attended one?

Our wine tasting events are SO much fun! You have the opportunity to sample amazing Napa Valley wines in a relaxed setting, learn about these wines, and hear how we have partnered with different nonprofits to make an impact both locally in our community, and globally through our wine, coffee, and food products.   

9. What advice do you have for those thinking about becoming a Cause Entrepreneur?

DO IT!!! You will not regret it. Best decision I did was joining a community of amazing people on a mission to make a change. If you’re interested in a making an impact within your community, and want to make a difference in people’s lives, ONEHOPE is definitely a company to join. Let’s face it- wine and giving back… what’s not to love?!

10. What is your favorite cause we give back to?

My favorite cause is WHYHUNGER. I especially loved hearing about this organization at CRUSH 2017.  

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