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Meet the Cause Entrepreneur: Sara


Some people join our community for a new career opportunity, while some join to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Every Cause Entrepreneur helps spread our mission and vision to make the world a better place, one bottle of wine at a time. Learn more about Sara’s experience and all the good she’s doing with ONEHOPE.

1. What first sparked your interest in joining the ONEHOPE community?

I was not working when I first found ONEHOPE and was immediately intrigued and inspired by the idea of wine and giving back, it just made sense. I had decided that my next “job” would be something that mattered. And this mattered! I asked a LOT of questions, and my gut said, “go for it”, so I did!   

2. Are you working full-time or part-time as a Cause Entrepreneur?

I’m somewhere between part-time and full-time. I set aside at least 2 days a week to concentrate on my business-building activities such as reach outs, follow ups & host coaching. And of course, time spent at events and wine tastings is additional time beyond those 2 days. I try and do at least one thing everyday to move my business forward. It could be as simple as a conversation with someone at the store, a phone call with someone interested in the opportunity or hosting, or following up for a customer order. It can even be a Facebook or Instagram post.  Everything I do to mention and share ONEHOPE helps grow my business.

3. Why did you choose ONEHOPE over other job opportunities?

I had a career in Video Production for 20+ years, and had been out of the industry for nearly 3 years when I was introduced to ONEHOPE. I knew I didn’t want to go back to a traditional corporate 9-5 career. I wanted to build something for myself, something that mattered and something that was on my terms. I had been presented with many at-home business opportunities by friends and acquaintances, but none I believed in. I was immediately drawn to ONEHOPE, our mission and our products. I am a thinker – so I wasn’t that person who signed up instantly, but when I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity and the potential for me, and I kept asking questions, I knew it was what I was meant to do.

4. What are some of the perks of being a Cause Entrepreneur?

My favorite “perk” is our community! I am blessed to be part of such an incredibly supportive and inspiring community. To know I’ve got thousands of people cheering me on and encouraging my success is amazing. It’s a perk knowing when I get my paycheck, it also means I’ve made an impact! Meeting new people and sharing our wines and our mission is so energizing and such a perk to me. I am truly giddy on the days I have an event, knowing I get to share ONEHOPE and make a difference. And of course – access to our incredible wines is pretty darn sweet!

5. Do you feel you receive all of the support & training you need to succeed? Please explain.

OMG yes, I feel so supported! My mentor, Jes Landau, is amazing and always available for input and guidance. But, she’s only one person – so knowing I have the ability to communicate with the home office team through email & Facebook is so helpful. There is constant communication with FB Lives and Zoom calls. Our Resources & Training Center puts all of the tools I need at my fingertips. Whenever I’ve had a question or needed clarification, a quick email to support or a message on our community page comes with a quick reply. The support we get is one of the things I talk about regularly.

6. What excites you most about the future of ONEHOPE?

My greatest excitement is knowing the difference we will make! The impact we’ve made to date is incredible, with over $4 million donated to charities already. Knowing that we are growing and therefore making an even bigger impact is so energizing. I’m beyond excited to see how much good we can do as we grow. I love being a part of it!
I’m also excited about the increasing awareness of our brand as we build our community. The tasting room that is being constructed at our vineyard in Napa is super exciting. Knowing that people traveling to Napa will have the ability to learn about and experience ONEHOPE first hand is just awesome!

7. Do you have a hidden talent? Tell us what it is!

I’m a horseback rider. I love when I get to enjoy a fun jump course (nothing too high). In fact, I work 2 days a week with a nonprofit adaptive riding program for kids and adults with challenges. I look forward to those days every week. As for a bonus talent… I can speak with a pretty convincing British accent. (Although an actual Brit might disagree…LOL)

8. For someone that’s never tried our wine before, what are your top 3 varietal recommendations?

I can’t just choose 3 – so I’ll share my favorites by season:

Winter by the fire: Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Springtime in the garden: New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Summer days with friends: Côtes de Provence RoséEnjoying the fall foliage: Vintner California Red Blend

9. What are some short and long term goals you’ve set for yourself this year?

My long term goal for the year is to become a Director team! Each month I set smaller goals for myself in sales and sponsoring to help get me there. It’s important for me to set small goals on the way to my big goals so I can check in with my progress and celebrate my successes along the way. And truth be told – I don’t always hit my goals, which is a part of the journey. If I don’t hit a goal, I review and reset and set another goal so I can get there. Each month it’s my goal to have at least 4 wine tastings. This is where we truly get to share ONEHOPE and grow!

10. What’s one piece of advice you have for anyone that’s thinking about joining?

Join!!! It may be outside of your comfort zone, but you will never know if you don’t try. Being a part of ONEHOPE means being a part of something incredible. This company is the real deal and is doing what they set out to do. Being on this journey puts a smile on my face everyday!

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