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Giving back is woven into the fiber of our being here at ONEHOPE. It is the reason our company was founded, and is a constant reminder of the drive and purpose of our business. As we grow our impact year after year, it is imperative that we create a team that’s focused on finding new ways to do good and make an even bigger difference in the world. Meet: Amanda Lamberti, Director of the ONEHOPE Foundation!

Amanda Lamberti ONEHOPE

1. How were you first introduced to ONEHOPE?

I learned about ONEHOPE while working on an animal rescue fundraiser called Stand Up For Pits. I was doing some research on silent auction items for the Pit Bull rescue event when I came across the Pinot for Paws Gift Box and quickly realized ONEHOPE was a company I needed to be a part of.

2. What was your background prior to working with ONEHOPE?

I started my career in the crazy world of production more than fifteen years ago. In the beginning, I was drawn to projects that had me traveling to places like India, South Africa, the Middle East and Europe. I believe it was traveling and the opportunity to work with and meet people from all over the world that helped me focus my career on making a lasting impact in the world. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some extraordinary events in my career but by far the standout moment was the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls; it made me realize that my career and my passion could be one in the same.

3. Tell us about your new role with the ONEHOPE Foundation. 

I’ve actually had a dual role since I started with ONEHOPE three years ago as the Director of Event Marketing and the Director of the ONEHOPE Foundation. It was not until we made a fierce addition to the events team (Emilee Dunn!!) that I was able to focus the majority of my time on our impact and our cause partners. One of the key aspects of my role is to support our team and community by bringing the nonprofits and impacts front and center on a regular basis. The nonprofit organizations we work with are taking on some of the biggest challenges the world is fighting. ONEHOPE is here to help bring awareness to those causes and support them by raising funds, storytelling and volunteering our time.  

4. Is there a cause that you are most passionate about?

This is both a difficult question and also a very easy one… so I’ll try to keep it short. While I have many that I’m passionate about, the one I’m probably MOST passionate about is animals. I had the privilege of adopting the most extraordinary Golden Retriever from Taiwan a few years ago and he completely changed the game. He, Henry, was a soul that I saw affect many lives just by walking past them or being in his presence for a short time. The quiet moments he shared with strangers on the street, Cancer patients in the hospital and of course our family and friends was something that taught me a great deal about life and the therapy of animals. The abuse and mistreatment of animals makes me wish I were a superhero so I could defend them with greater force. It is also beyond comprehension that losing elephants, gorillas and other endangered species is legitimately something that could happen in our lifetime. The organizations we work with do such important work and need our support.

Adopted Golden Retriever ONEHOPE

5. What does giving back mean to you?

Helping one another and being of service in whatever way you can. There is a tremendous amount of need in every corner of this planet; you do not have to look very far to find an opportunity. I think giving back means thinking of others and doing your own small but impactful part to help however you can.

ONEHOPE Wine Give Back

6. What are you looking forward to most for the Pencils of Promise Guatemala trip?

A lot! Spending quality time with the PoP team, meeting the members and parents of the community, sharing this experience with the ONEHOPE team and hopefully goofing around and laughing with the kids.

7. Who is an important role model in your life and why?

My parents…they count as one entity, don’t they? Without turning this into a novel or an emotional Oscar speech, I’ll try to articulate why. My mother (aka Lil Sue) started a new career while raising three girls and got her degree to be a teacher of the deaf. She is still working with deaf children and enjoying some crazy adventures like trekking gorillas in Africa in her spare time. She isn’t afraid to try something new, and she is small but mighty.

As for my father (Big Dom), outside of having successfully survived being the only man in a house of four women, he has always been someone that truly appreciates what is around him. Whether it be a walk on the beach, a (very) loud kitchen full of family and friends for any occasion, or just a dinner table with his girls you will always know if he is sitting there quietly taking a moment that he’s thinking ‘It’s just nice,’ and he’s right. Take that Eckhart Tolle.

8. What does the future look like for the ONEHOPE Foundation?

ONEHOPE’s impact has only continued to grow over the last 11 years and we are excited and determined to continue on our current path. We have such a passionate community of Cause Entrepreneurs and customers that I honestly believe we could take on any impact challenge and achieve it. What exactly will those challenges be? You will just have to wait and see. Join us on the journey!  

9. What’s currently in your wine fridge?

Not enough! But I do currently have a bottle of our Vintner Merlot calling my name.

10. What’s your spirit animal and why?

Hmmmm…. my aspirational spirit animal is a sea turtle (specifically Crush!) They live for so long, that they must be wise from all the adventures they’ve had and places they’ve seen. They can just ride a wave and go with the flow, and best of all they can hide in their shell when the world is just too ‘people-y’ LOL!

Crush Finding Nemo

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Pour it Forward with ONEHOPE

To read more about the ways we’re giving back, click the link below and visit our ‘Impact’ page to see what we’ve achieved so far, and how you can help us make an even bigger difference.

Learn more about our impact here


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