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National Wine & Cheese Day Pairings

wine and cheese pairings onehope

Happy National Wine and Cheese Day, or as we like to call it: Sunday! To celebrate, we asked our resident sommelier Garrett Boyles, and Head Winemaker, Mari Wells-Coyle, at the ONEHOPE test kitchen in Napa to send us some of their go-to wine and cheese pairings. Set up an at-home wine tasting and expand your palate with these delicious duos! 

blue cheese wine pairing

Photo Credit: Maytag Dairy Farms

Mild Blue Cheese + Sparkling Moscato

The sweet profile and sparkling crispness of our Moscato perfectly compliments the pungent, funky flavor of a crumbly yet dense blue cheese.

mozzarella wine pairing

Photo Credit: Sensibus

Fresh Mozzarella + Pinot Grigio

Fresh mozzarella is mild in flavor and tender in texture. To help to bring out its wonderful earthy tones, pair this cheese with the mineral flavors of a dry and aromatic Pinot Grigio.

aged gouda wine pairing

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Cheese

Aged Cheddar or Gouda + Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine filled with intensity and a long finish. Age pronounces the richness already present in these cheeses, and allows the cheese to counteract the elevated tannins and bold structure found in a wine like Cabernet Sauvignon.

goat cheese wine pairing

Photo Credit: Heinen’s Grocery Store

Goat Cheese + Sauvignon Blanc

What grows together goes together, and this pair is the perfect example of just that. Both are the poster children of Loire Valley, France, and the brightness of this Sauvignon Blanc matches beautifully with the acid of goat cheese.

feta wine pairing

Photo Credit: Wine Enthusiast

Feta + Pinot Noir

Feta is a wildly versatile cheese and it tends to have nuances of spices and herbs. Pair your rich and salty feta with the red berry notes and touches of cinnamon found in Pinot Noir.

Cheers to Perfect Pairings

We hope you have fun trying these delectable combinations, and that you love these pairings as much as we do! If you’re looking to host a wine tasting where you can sample incredible award-winning wines and pair them with your favorite cheeses and appetizers, visit our Host page to learn more today. 

-The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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