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New Year New Career: 5 Reasons to Join ONEHOPE

Happy new dreams, new days, and a new year! As we embark on an exciting 2022 ahead, we’re looking forward to new adventures and new opportunities. For those of you interested in kick-starting this year’s journey with community, impact, flexibility—and a new career in wine—we’re here for you.

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

ONEHOPE’s direct selling platform is made up of over 10,000 individuals on a quest to make an impact while earning an income. Ready for some wine-spiration? Here are five reasons to join our community today, as told by our loyal CEs. 

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

Build a Community

When asked what keeps her motivated and inspired as she reflects on her journey as a CE with ONEHOPE, Lyla Gray-Etherson’s response was short and sweet. 

“The support,” she said.

By joining our community, you’re becoming part of a group of like-minded, passionate individuals who will help guide you and support you every step of the way. 

“Working with ONEHOPE has given me more confidence and really brought me together with an amazing community,” said Allison Clemens, Impact Lead Director. “I have built so many new friendships, it has truly been remarkable.”

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

Make an Impact

Every bottle of ONEHOPE wine gives back to a different nonprofit and helps us make an impact both locally and globally. With $8 million donated to date—we’ve built schools, brought clean drinking water to thousands, funded innovative research for cancer, funded scholarships, fed hungry children, funded a solar water farm, and so much more. 

Through our platform, we’re proud to have supported over 30,000 local nonprofits.  

“ONEHOPE gives my work a sense of purpose,” said Dana Hanna, Lead Impact Director, “The mission is truly alive here and it shines through everything we do. ONEHOPE has been a source of positive energy for me since day one. Mission-driven work aligns with my personal ethos and motivates me to serve others every day.” 

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

Enjoy Job Flexibility 

Whether you’re a teacher, mom, or artist and are looking for a full-time job or a side gig, working with ONEHOPE offers complete flexibility. Answer emails in your pajamas with your coffee, head to your favorite local lunch spot to make a sale, or connect with wine-lovers in your yoga class. You get to decide how to incorporate our purpose-driven wines into your lifestyle and your livelihood.

“I love the flexibility,” Jamie Tomczyk, SCE said, “and the income earned has allowed me to take my father on a special trip this year that I didn’t have to worry about the cost.”

ONEHOPE Winery Virtual Tasting

Make an Income

When you become a CE with ONEHOPE, you can earn up to 25% commission on customer orders. Your income—and your impact—can be as high as you want it to. Reach for the stars (or the wine!) and earn unlimited bonuses as you grow your team.  

Don’t forget—10% of your event sales support your cause of choice and help you give back to your favorite nonprofits. 

“I was able to quit my full-time job and stay home with my kids, “ Amanda B Burns, SCE said, “I’m able to create an income for myself while also getting that “me” time that every mom needs.”

ONEHOPE Winery Work from Home

Earn Rewards 

With ONEHOPE, you can enjoy exclusive perks and rewards. Enjoy up to 50% off wine purchases, cash incentives, community recognition, conferences, free swag, and once-in-a-lifetime trips to places like Costa Rica, Jamaica, and our stunning estate in Napa Valley. You’ll also earn rewards on every purchase, which can be redeemed for products or donated. 

Chris Whitacre, Director of Coaching and Training with ONEHOPE, posed the following question to our community: “ONEHOPE offers many perks and rewards to our CE Community, how have those opportunities enriched your experience? What reward are you most proud of earning?”

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

Here’s what they had to say!

  • “Being one of the first to achieve Lead Impact Director is one of my proudest personal accomplishments. It also allows me to lead by example and help others to start fast and find success with One Hope.” Dana Hanna
  • “I am proud of many of the perks, but most proud of getting my invite to Leader Summit. I set a goal. worked hard and achieved it.” Allison Clemens
  • “I love earning those rewards and it makes me want to work harder. The 14th birthday bash call and special bottle I received was so appreciated!” Lyla Gray-Etherson
  • “I LOVE the FREE wine I get each month, and I’m most proud of earning Vacation Incentives gifts.” Jamie Tomczyk
  • “Absolutely! Earning my spot in Jamaica was pretty incredible. I would have never been able to do something like this in my “normal” job.” Amanda B Burns

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

Ready to make an impact this year and beyond? Visit our join page to get started. Our community of Cause Entrepreneurs is the heart and soul of ONEHOPE. Together, you’re helping us change the world one bottle of wine at a time. 

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community of purpose-driven, change-makers!

“I have met some pretty amazing people on this journey. I have learned about non-profits I would never have heard of. I have contributed to so many causes in need. I have a lot of lifelong friends in this community. I have provided things for my family. I have taken amazing trips. I am sipping award-winning wines on the regular. And I GET to say I make an IMPACT every day.” Tracy Manning, Lead Director

ONEHOPE Winery Leader Summit

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