New Year, New Career

Each January we’re given the opportunity to start fresh, set goals, and make resolutions for how we want to live our best lives in the new year. If starting a side hustle or making a career change is on the top of your list, know that you are not alone! It’s easy to become comfortable and complacent in a job that makes you unhappy. So why not make 2019 the time to embrace a new year and new career?

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Be Your Own Boss

Clocking in at 8 and clocking out at 5 can be daunting, especially with someone micromanaging your tasks. If you’ve always thrived working independently, and love the idea of working from home in your pajamas, why not be your own boss and make a career out of it?

At ONEHOPE, we’ve built a community of passionate Cause Entrepreneurs that sell wine from home, host wine tasting parties, and earn an income while making a difference in the world. They work from wherever they please, go on amazing trips, make lifelong friendships, and help spread the mission and vision of ONEHOPE to their customers.

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Benefits of Joining

So what are some of the benefits of joining our community and becoming a Cause Entrepreneur? There are far too many to list out, but here are a few we think you should know:

1. Earn up to 25% commission on customer orders. Your income potential is as high as you want it to be! Plus, you can earn unlimited bonuses as you grow your team.

2. Receive training & education for a successful career. No sales experience? No problem! You will receive all of the training you need to build your business and learn everything there is to know about our wines, winemaking, and pairings so you can crush this new gig!

ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneurs

3. Give back to causes you care about. As a Cause Entrepreneur, you can make a measurable impact on the world around you. While every bottle gives back to a different nonprofit, you can also host wine tasting parties that benefit a cause that’s close to your heart.

4. Enjoy a flexible schedule. Work as much or as little as you want from the comfort of your own home. With no monthly purchase or sales requirements, you won’t feel pressured, and can make this opportunity work around YOUR schedule!

5. Delicious wine… need we say more? Taste world-class wines that all give back to incredible nonprofits. These wines basically sell themselves! Plus you an enjoy up to 50% off your wine purchases so you can always try our new varietals.

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Meet Our Cause Entrepreneurs

Joining our community in 2019 can become an amazing side hustle or rewarding full-time career that will take you to some pretty amazing places! But don’t just take our word for it, hear what it’s like from a few of our Cause Entrepreneurs that we’ve interviewed below:

Meet the CEO: Wendy
Meet Wendy

Meet Diana

ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur
Meet Angela

Get Started Today

If you’re interested in becoming a Cause Entrepreneur in the new year, visit our “Join” page to learn more about the opportunity. Not sure if you’re ready to join yet? Host a wine tasting and meet a Cause Entrepreneur in person to learn what it’s all about! Click the links below to get started!

Learn More About Joining

Learn More About Hosting a Wine Tasting


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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