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ONEHOPE #PinotforPaws Team Pets

If you have been following ONEHOPE for a while now, it should be no surprise that at this company, we LOVE pets. At the home office alone, we have 4 dogs that come in on a daily basis. Since we are always seeing other people’s pets on our Instagram for #PinotforPaws, for this month’s #PinotforPaws campaign, we thought it would be fun to show you all a glimpse of our pets!

Tom Leahy, President

Tom has two chickens, named Goldie and Brown Sugar. They go by Goldie and Brownie. When asked more about the chickens, Tom’s response was that, “they lay eggs. The eggs are good.” I don’t know about you guys, but we wish we had chickens that laid fresh eggs! If the chickens were working for ONEHOPE, they would be entitled Chief Clucking Officer and VP of Egg Producer.

Scott Youngman, Logistics Coordinator

Scott has two dogs, one is a 4 year old german shepherd true mutt, named Jackson. He also goes by Jack Jack. Adopted in Georgia, he lived in the frat as a puppy and is very friendly but very skittish. Loves people but has to know you before he opens up to saying hi. He loves to bark at the animals on the TV and watches TV like a person. He is the protector of our blind 12 year old puggle and fancies himself the protector of the household. He is a very good boy. He is dubbed the Logistics of Squirrel Chasing Coordinator.

Sarah Finucane, Lead User Experience & Interface Designer

Sarah has one dog named Potter, nicknamed Pot Stuff. Potter is a rescue, shaggy Jack Russel. He’s a hugger, happy lil guy and not so much the alpha. Potter is an avid squirrel fan. He loves running on the beach and jumping in the ocean with the birds, but he’s not so keen on children! In the office, he is Chief Treat Distribution Officer.

Allison Heisdorffer, Senior Graphic Designer

Allison has one cat, named Kevin who also goes by Kev-Bot, Kev-Dawg, K-Roc, Rooney, and Little Idiot. In the words of Allison, “Kevin is an orange tabby cat with a dark history involving street gangs in the alleys of Los Angeles. His favorite hobby used to be dumpster diving, but now he prefers a multitude of bonito flakes dumped on his freshly-served kibble at his howling demands. He’s a skilled con artist and uses his adorable factor to get whatever he wants. Although he’s currently unemployed, he’s working on his aspiring modeling career.” True love that is. Kevin’s title is Chief Nap Officer.

Kristen Shroyer, VP of National Accounts

Kristen has two dogs, Roxy and Ranger, that go by Roo-Roo Roxy and Ranger Danger, respectively. Roxy is a zipper-nose golden retriever (zipper nose is a line of raised fur down her nose). When she was a puppy this line of fur went to the top of her head creating a mohawk. Roxy is a little overweight and has a small head and tiny paws that look more like deer hooves. Sometimes we call her Bambi or Beetlejuice because of it. She is the sweetest thing and never leaves my side. If Roxy had a title, it would be Director of Toe-Licking. Roxy would stay by our team’s feet at all times, providing comfort, love and companionship. If at any time a ONEHOPE team member wears flip flops or decides to take off her/his shoes, Roxy would ensure that employee’s toes would always be squeaky clean by licking them as long as needed. Ranger on the other hand is a 3 year old golden retriever mix. His family adopted him 2 years ago from a family that could no longer care for him. He has really long legs that make him extremely tall, and also extremely clumsy. He’s always knocking things over and getting into trouble. Although a goof ball, Ranger is a lovebird and is such a sweet boy. He loves to cuddle. If he had a title, it would be Breakroom Busboy. Whether it’s a crumb dropped on the ground, or an unattended sandwich on the counter – Ranger will ensure there’s not a trace of food left in the office breakroom. With his long legs, no counter is too high to reach!

Amanda Lamberti, Director of Event Marketing

Amanda’s dog is named Bell, or Belles, Toots, Tooty Banana, Miss Banana, Baby Cow, Little Moo for short. Baby cow because even though we are pretty sure she is a dog, though she sounds like a cow sometimes. Belles is a rescue from Red Hook Dog Rescue in Brooklyn. She is timid and sweet and warms up to people quickly. She is the ultimate snuggler and chaser of squirrels. She is a ball hog and could play fetch until your arm falls off. She kicks Luigi’s (another office dog) butt. Her title is CBO, Chief Barking Officer.

Vince Tsai, Chief Investment Officer

Vince has one dog named Locke, who also goes by Lockey-Poo and Miss Piggy. Locke is a 4 1/2 year-old, 11 pound Maltipoo who loves food, fetching, walking and digging holes in the sand. She even has her own Instagram page! Locke’s title is Chief Grub Officer (CGO). Too cute!

Lauren Dailey, Social Media and Content Manager

Lauren has one kitty named Penny. Penny also goes by Little girl, Lil babe, or Boopers. Penny is a tortoiseshell cat rescued from Kit Crusaders in DTLA. She likes to lick your face, cuddle at night, and play with all the string toys. She’s the sweetest girl that ever existed. Her title is Chief Face-Licking Officer.

Carmella Winterbauer, Director of Digital Commerce

Carmella has one of the dogs that comes into work everyday to work with all of us. His name is Louie, but he also goes by Dewey, Derp, Bug, Louis Magoois, Derpy Dew, and Puddles. Louis is a 4-6 year old German Shepherd mix. He was rescued from the Westside German Shepherd rescue in Downtown Los Angeles in May 2015. He enjoys long walks, naps, skipping through puddles, and reporting for duty at the ONEHOPE LA office. He does not enjoy loud noises, vacuums, moving furniture, or opening garage doors. Louie’s title is Office Security Manager.

Amanda Lazzerone, Junior Graphic Designer

Amanda has one kitty, named Monica. She also goes by Monocle, Stinks, or Cyclops. In the words of Amanda, “One kitten, one eye, ONEHOPE. This is Monica (yes, like Friends). This sweet little purring machine was born with a defect in her right eye and had to have it surgically removed and sewed shut. But Monica doesn’t let this little biological hiccup get in her way… she still loves to pounce on inanimate objects, crawl all over her humans’ faces, and hide in her dad’s briefcase. She’s the ultimate cuddle-bug with bit of a daredevil side, too. Yo-ho-yo-ho a pirate’s life for her!” Her title is Briefcase Manager, Chief One-Eyed Wonder. The cutest!

Megan Robinson and Jake Kloberdanz, Art Director and CEO, respectively

Meg and Jake have a cat named Lily, who also goes by Little Chicken, Snuggle Buggy, and Wittle Baby. Lily is part Domestic Tabby Cat, part tiger. Lily is the sweetest little mean girl. She fell in love with her mom’s hair at first sight (it’s her favorite place to snuggle), but if you aren’t her human, don’t even go near her without expecting some serious attitude. Lily’s title is CHO (Chief Hissing Officer).

Jackie Feiler, Software Engineer

Jackie has a dog named Bailey, or Smush and Fluffer for short. Jackie says that “sometimes she has feline personality traits.” Her title would be Resident Foodie.

Lindley Carlin, Director of Corporate Sales

Lindley has one dog named Topaz, or Paz for short. Topaz is a 4 year old german shepherd mix that she adopted from a rescue in Arizona. Topaz loves going on runs, visits to the dog beach and road trips (even though she suffers from mild car sickness :)). Special talents include: opening doors! Fun fact: Topaz was already named when Lindley adopted her, but it’s Lindley’s birthstone so it seemed meant to be! Topaz’ unofficial title would be Director of Drooling.

Doug Lippman, Southern California Regional Manager

Doug has one dog named Buddy who is a 13 year old schnoodle, a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. His title would be Director of Quality Control of all Woof! products especially the beef jerky & dog biscuits.

We hope you enjoyed all the stories of our team pets! You can help support rescue animals by shopping all our products that give back to the ASPCA here.


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