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Our Founders’ Story


ONEHOPE began as a dream by eight cause-minded entrepreneurs. We started as young friends working for some of the largest wineries in the world. However, when tragedy struck and a loved one was diagnosed with late-stage cancer, we asked ourselves some hard questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Deep down, we felt there had to be more to the wine business than sales targets and profit margins.

The journey begins

We were just young enough to think we could change the wine industry – and the world – by creating a brand that was purpose-driven from the very start. We pooled our slim resources together, told our families not to worry, and set off on this journey, a journey that has now brought us to you.

From car trunks to Napa vineyards

Because no one thought we could do it, no one thought to tell us no. So we started by working out of our apartments and cars, spending every day and night crafting, designing, and selling the first wine brand that gave back with every bottle. We were driving from store to store pitching our give-back concept with the limited varietals we had to anyone that was willing to listen.

Along the way, we caught the attention of some spectacular partners who believed in us enough to help make our dreams possible. Today ONEHOPE has a beautiful vineyard in the heart of Napa Valley next to our future tasting room, a state-of-the-art residence at ESTATE8, over 50 exceptional varietals, and a growing community of Cause Entrepreneurs who, like us, are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Cause Entrepreneurs like you

We invite you to join one of the fastest-growing women-led brands in the country and be a part of a movement that is changing the world. Be your own boss, share wine from anywhere, and earn an income while raising money for nonprofits that are close to your heart. Learn more on our Join page, and see how easy, fun, and meaningful it is to make a living while making a difference.


Jake Kloberdanz, CEO/Co-Founder, Tiffany Wojtkiewicz, President/Co-Founder, Tom Leahy, CCO/Co-Founder, Sarah McPeake, VP of National Sales/Co-Founder, Brandon Hall, CBO/Co-Founder, and Kristen Shroyer, VP of National Accounts/Co-Founder

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