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The Pawsome Pets of ONEHOPE

You may have seen some of the faces of ONEHOPE before. Possibly on our About Us page, maybe on social media, or perhaps you’ve met one of us at an event. But behind the scenes is where you’ll find the real brains behind the company. With sophisticated palates, big hearts, and four paws, the pets of ONEHOPE are the true stars of the show. Since June is National Pet Adoption Month, we decided to interview each so you could get to know them a bit better.


Name: Louis Clarence Winterbauer (“Louie”)

ONEHOPE Title: Office Security Guard  

Pawrent: Carmella W., Director of Digital Commerce

Bio: Hi! I’m Louie. My parents aren’t sure how old I am but the shelter told them I’m somewhere between 4 and 6. I am part German Shepherd and a mix of a bunch of other breeds. My parents adopted me from Westside German Shepherd Rescue in downtown LA. Being the smallest dog there was a little intimidating, so I was so thrilled when my parents came to get me! Being a rescue was pretty “ruff” but now I’m living the dream. My passions include long, long, long walks, skipping through puddles, protecting the office hoomans from threats big and small, and duck treats (my vegetarian parents love me very much). I do NOT like the following: jogging (who does?), fireworks (so overrated!), and the scary neighborhood cats (too unpredictable). Nice to meet you!


Name: Wrigley

ONEHOPE Title: Chief Playtime Officer

Pawrent: Erik O., CMO

Bio: Hi I’m Wrigley, but my dotting paw-rents call me Rigs. They are always watching me – maybe because I’m a curious kitten who just moved into my new home. There’s so much to explore and so many things to get my paws on! When I’m not busy chasing the laser, climbing my kitten tower or chewing on my mom’s plants, I do enjoy curling up on a warm lap and getting some chin scratches. I might be young, but I’ve mastered my purr and I’m not afraid to use it! Watch out world, I’m ready for whatever you throw my way – and I hope it’s a toy!


Name: Otis McWeber

ONEHOPE Title: Director of Office Pawsitivity

Pawrent: Megan W., Digital Marketing Manager

Bio: Hi there! My name’s Otis but I also go by Otie, Lion Bear, Professor Woofington, or just Bear/Woof for short. I’m a 3-year-old Goldendoodle that was adopted from another family that couldn’t keep me because they were having a tiny hooman. Now I’m absolutely spoiled rotten, living my best life in El Segundo, California with my pawrents! I believe that every dog, hooman, and kitty wants to be my best friend, even the ones that truly despise me. My favorite hobbies include spotting squirrels, eating carrots, sleeping in the bathtub, puking on the shag rug, and tasting just about everything I can get my mouth on (hence the puking). My motto is “don’t knock it ‘til you taste it at least three times.” Dirt is a delicacy that is highly underrated.


Name: Luigi / Weeg / Squeege

ONEHOPE Title: Head of Snuggles

Pawrent: Jackie U., Director of Marketing

Bio: I am only two, but I have perfected the very important and therapeutic art of the office snuggle. Lots of ONEHOPE-rs come by throughout the day for hugs, kisses, and belly rubs so they can return to their work rejuvenated!

Loki and Thor

Name: Loki

ONEHOPE Title: Loss PURRvention

Pawrent: Ashley B., Graphic Designer

Bio: Hi, I’m Loki. I am a bengal cat named after the God of Mischief. Some call me Lok-Master-Flex because I’m always getting a pump from running on my cat wheel. I spend most of my day wrestling my little brother and looking out the window plotting my escape. I’ve tasted the sweet air of freedom a couple times.

Name: Thor

ONEHOPE Title: PAWblic Relations

Bio: Sup. My name is Thor. I’m the new kid in the litter box. I’m half the size of my older brother, but twice as brave. I enjoy climbing window screens and eating plants, including but not limited to cactuses. (Don’t worry, I’m okay.) My mommy says I’m special.


Pet’s Name: Jackson

ONEHOPE Title: Director of Canine Resources

Pawrent: Scott Y., Logistics Coordinator

Bio: Hi I’m a 5-year-old pup who came from a rescue in Georgia where my dad got me while he was in college!  I LOVE to run and chase other dogs and basically any other type of animal I come across. In fact, one of my best friends is a squirrel that lives in my grandparents backyard! I like to meet him every day to play. A fun fact about me is that I also love to watch TV, especially animals on TV, and one time I watched all of Life of Pi with more interest than anyone else in the room.


Name: Junebug

ONEHOPE Title: Chief Snuggle Officer

Pawrent: Justine W., Production Coordinator

Bio: I’m the ultimate snuggle bug. After my regular night time walk, I’ll race upstairs to be the 1st one in the room, ready to snuggle!  My pawrents call this FFS – full family snugg. Unfortunately I suffer from pulmonary stenosis which means my life is a bit shorter than most. However, even with my bad heart, I’m the biggest lover. Not a mean bone in my body, and I like to teach everyone the biggest lesson – unconditional love.


Name: Topaz

ONEHOPE Title: Hair Distribution Officer

Pawrent: Lindley C., Director of Corporate Sales

Bio: Hi my name is Topaz, Paz for short. I’m a 5-year-old German Shepherd Mix, I was born in November (hence the birthstone name), and my Humom (Lindley) adopted me when I was just 12 weeks old! I may come off as shy at first, but once I get to know you; I’ve been told I’m quite the talker. I enjoy playing at the dog beach, road trips with friends + speeding up my mom’s running pace. Don’t worry about having to use the bathroom alone, because I’m always happy to join you. I’m a bit of a bed hog, but I compensate with cuddles and cuteness! You can call me the Hair Distribution Officer, because somehow my fur ends up places I’ve never even been!


Name: Kevin

ONEHOPE Title: On-Site Meow-ditation Therapist

Pawrent: Allison H., Senior Graphic Designer

Bio: Known on the streets as the “Tangerine Tyrant,” I reign as a despot and supreme dictator from a lounge position while trapped indoors. My favorite hobbies include staring out the window blankly, thwarting the human’s attempts at keeping the home hair free, and researching 15th century feudal France. My mom says I’m best described as a decorative fixture, but in between naps you can expect to hear my demonic howls as I demand more kibble, which I generally puke up before returning to my horizontal state


Name: Roxy

ONEHOPE Title: Office Paper Shredder

Pawrent: Kristen S., Co-Founder, VP of National Accounts

Bio: Hi! I’m Roxy and I live in Scottsdale, AZ. I’m one of the happiest pups you’ll ever meet and have lots of nicknames. Bambi – because I have these tiny paws that look like deer hooves, and Beetlejuice – because I have a really tiny head and a very wide body. I’m a little overweight due to a thyroid problem, but medicine has helped me lose over 20 lbs already! My mom travels for work a lot which makes me anxious, sometimes so much that I chew and tear up any paper that is left in sight. Therefore, I make a great paper shredder for the office to ensure confidential documents are always destroyed! At least I leave the furniture alone, right?


Name: Ranger

ONEHOPE Title: Breakroom Busboy

Pawrent: Kristen S., Co-Founder, VP of National Accounts

Bio: Sup, bro? Name’s Ranger. My family adopted me a few years ago and life’s been pretty sweet ever since. I’ve got two little humans that live with me and always drop food on the floor. Needless to say, I get a lot of snacks throughout the day. Genetics have blessed me with really long legs, so if floor snacks are limited, I’m tall enough to get some counter goodies! Mom’s onto my tricks though and usually keeps everything in the pantry. I’m so good at cleaning food on floors and counters that ONEHOPE promoted me to Breakroom Busboy!

Sirius Black

Name: Sirius Black

ONEHOPE Title: Master of Naps

Pawrent: Nicki R., Western Regional Sales Manager

Bio: Heyyy, you guys! I am Sirius Black of House Rabago, Chaser of Squirrels, Champion of Fetch, Mother of Mayhem. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. One time I met John Stamos on a plane, and he told me I was pretty. Saturday nights are for dancing to Abba. My favorite pastime is sleeping until noon. Hyenas are my spirit animal. A word of advice? Never turn down a free drink. Especially if it’s tequila.

KittyName: Kitty

ONEHOPE Title: Chief Pouncing Officer

Pawrent: Caitlin S., Sales & Operations Coordinator

Bio: Meow! My name is Kitty and my human mom rescued me when I was 3 months old. I’m now 11, but you’d never know it (catnip does wonders!) I love when my mom leaves empty boxes or suitcases for me to climb into. I will pounce at anything that moves past me and love to play through the cracks of doors. I only like when my mom rubs me and I will lick her face in return. I have a younger brother (definitely not related) named Rufus who annoys me, but I put up with him for now since the humans like him. My favorite thing to do is lay in the sunshine or snuggle with my mom at bedtime and take up the entire bed.

Sneeks and Nala

Name: Sneeks

ONEHOPE Title: Product Barkitect AKA Paw-duct Specialist  

Pawrent: Marcella M., Product Development & Sourcing Manager

Bio: Hi, Sneeks here! My girlfriend Nala and I are remote contractors for the ONEHOPE Product team. I, Sneeks, assist in evaluating the integrity and durability of ONEHOPE’s pet products. Specifically, I issue the first trial run of any new dog products the team is evaluating for upcoming pet gifts. My experience in utter furniture destruction and natural ability to reek mayhem have lent me to become a renowned specialist in this field. When I’m not testing products, I enjoy keeping my skills sharp by chasing lizards and practicing hurdles over my backyard fence.

Name: Nala

ONEHOPE Title: Treat Quality Control Analyst

Bio: My girlfriend, Nala, has a more rational and sophisticated persona. She has superb taste buds and will literally turn her nose away from low-grade treats. Some say she’s a snob, to which she retorts, “I am not high maintenance, I just have high standards.” Nala aspires to one day help ONEHOPE launch a new gourmet dog treat product for their pet gifts.


Name: Bailey

Title: CFO – Chief Fluffy Officer

Pawrent: Jackie F., Software Engineer

Bio: Hi I’m Bailey! I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a little more than twelve years, and my favorite place to walk is along Ocean Avenue, where I make sure to sniff the bottom of every palm tree ​​​​and chase all the squirrels. I also like when the people exercising and picnicking on the grass tell me how cute I am. Not all dogs appreciate wine, but I love Manischewitz and imbibe most Friday nights.​​

Mozzie and Minkas

Name: Minkas Bundy

ONEHOPE Title: CSO: Chief Snoozing Officer

Pawrent: Jackie B., Product Manager

Bio: Born in Riverside, raised in Redondo Beach. Was an only child until recently when my crazy baby brother came along. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sleeping ALL day. I’m also known as the OG top dog in my family.

Name: Mozzie Bundy

ONEHOPE Title: Cuddle Coordinator

Bio: I’m almost potty trained! I excel in track and field and love squeaky toys. My street name is “Winky” because of the black spot around my eye. When I’m not annoying my big brother Minkas I’m being a cute cuddle monster.

Support Our Furry Friends

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the pets of ONEHOPE! If you’d like to support the ASPCA for National Pet Adoption Month, shop our delicious California Pinot Noir, refreshing Delle Venezie IGT Pinot Grigio, or adorable Gift Guide for Pet Lovers that all fund animal rescues!


The ONEHOPE Wine Team + Furbabies

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