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Stories of Hope: Meet Beth

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Survivor

Our third story of hope comes from Beth, a Cause Entrepreneur at ONEHOPE who received a breast cancer diagnosis that coincided with losing her mom to a 3-year battle with ovarian cancer. Despite all that Beth has endured, she has continued to raise money for causes she is passionate about, all while using her commissions to pay for her own cancer treatments. Learn more below.

“Where to start? I discovered ONEHOPE three years ago when I attended a wine tasting and first fell in love first with the wine, and then with the impact this company makes. At the time, my mom had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and after finding out that our rosé supported this cause, I knew that joining the company was meant to be.

With my mom’s cancer diagnosis also came genetic testing where we found out of her BRCA positive mutation (genetic mutation which significantly increases a woman’s chance of contracting Breast and Ovarian cancers among others). Because of her positive test results, I was also tested and discovered I was also positive, making my odds of getting cancer roughly 30% by the time I was 35. Not good odds. 

While I started early screenings for these cancers and preparing for preventative surgeries to remove my breast tissue and ovaries, I made the choice to put aside all of my earnings from my commissions with ONEHOPE to fund those upcoming surgeries (fully scared that I would go into debt just because I wanted to remain healthy).

breast cancer survivor storyFast forward to the beginning of this year, My mom was still battling Ovarian Cancer after 3 years but slowly was taking a turn for the worse. I went in to my doctor to get my annual breast MRI to screen for cancer and you guessed it: breast cancer. Around the same time as my diagnosis, and after multiple weeks in and out of the hospital for my mom due to complications from her cancer, my mom was moved to hospice and passed away peacefully knowing my cancer journey was just about to begin. My diagnosis was on a Wednesday, that Friday mom was moved to hospice, the following Friday she passed away, and the Friday following her passing I went in for surgery to remove my breast cancer.

Because of all of this, it would have been easy to crawl into a hole and shut the world out, but my big take away from all of this is not only that my ONEHOPE business booming again after finding a new lease on life, but that all of my medical bills this year have been paid for by my commissions because of ONEHOPE. Knowing that I have the financial stability in place during an otherwise stressful time has given me an even bigger appreciation for this company. Thankful for ONEHOPE, thankful for life and, of course, thankful for WINE!”

-Beth W.

Support the Cause with Susan G. Komen®

We’re so thankful for all of the Cause Entrepreneurs who have shared their inspiring stories with us for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re looking for a way to give back, shop our Susan G. Komen® Fundraiser where 10% of every purchase helps give hope to families impacted by this disease. 

The ONEHOPE Foundation will make an aggregate guaranteed minimum donation of $50,000 to Susan G. Komen® 9/1/2020 – 6/30/2021.

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-The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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