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What is a Wedding Wine Ceremony?

If someone mentions a “wedding wine ceremony”, you may think they’re talking about the traditional toasts that follow dinner. Turns out, however, that a wine ceremony is actually a ritual performed during the ceremony, and without a single speech.

3 bridesmaids sitting and drinking ONEHOPE wineHow a Wedding Wine Ceremony Works

Much like the blending of sand was in the early 2000’s, a blending of wine is becoming a trendy way for couples to symbolize the blending of their lives. In a wine ceremony, the bride and groom will combine a red wine and a white wine to create a rose-colored wine. The result is a delicate pink, the color of blush and love. The exchange typically takes place after the exchange of rings to a backdrop of music as opposed to speeches or readings.

Couples will empty single goblets or smaller carafes of wine into a shared decanter. The decanter is later carried to the reception where it can serve as a centerpiece to the head (or sweetheart’s) table. Some couples choose to consume the wine while other’s leave it as décor. Those opting to leave the wine untouched often choose decanters that they can seal long term in hopes of creating a lasting wedding memory.

Choose Your Wines Carefully

If this appeals to you, and especially if you plan to drink the blended wine later, be sure to pick wines that play well together. No matter what varieties you choose, be sure to blend appropriately. If you blend too much red, all you’ll wind up with is a lighter red. If pink is the goal, aim for pouring more ounces of white wine than red.

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