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What’s an At Home Wine Tasting?

Picture this: you’ve just landed in the heart of wine country in Napa Valley, CA. The sun is shining, the vineyards are green and lush, and you’re about to set foot in your first tasting room for the day. You take a seat and read through the menu in anticipation of the word-class wines you are about to enjoy. From the refreshing whites to the robust reds, each varietal is like an entirely new experience. After tasting 6 different wines, you select your favorites to take home, or join the wine club if you decide that a couple of bottles just isn’t enough. You walk out feeling elated, and have a new appreciation for the winemaking process. There’s nothing that could possibly make this experience more memorable, right?

Bring Napa Valley to Your Doorstep

At ONEHOPE we believe that you don’t need to visit wine country to have the Napa Valley tasting room experience. With our at home wine tastings, you can sip award-winning wines with your friends, order your favorites, or join our wine club all while raising money for a nonprofit that’s close to your heart.

How it Works

To host an at home wine tasting with ONEHOPE, you’ll first need to visit our Host page and fill out the form so we can connect you with a Cause Entrepreneur in your area. You can think of our Cause Entrepreneurs as the tasting room managers who pour the wine, walk you through each varietal, and take any orders after you’ve narrowed down your favorites.

After connecting with a Cause Entrepreneur, you’ll pick a nonprofit to benefit from your event. Next, select 6 wines and receive up to 40% off your order. You can mix and match your favorites, try something new, or have your Cause Entrepreneur select them for you. Last but not least, send out invitations for your at home wine tasting, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Once your guests have arrived, the real fun begins! We recommend starting with a toast of ONEHOPE sparkling wine to get the party started. Sit back and relax while your Cause Entrepreneur walks your guests through the ONEHOPE story, and savor every sip as they explain the tasting notes of each varietal you’ve selected for the evening.

What’s the Occasion?

If you’re wondering when the best time is to throw a ONEHOPE wine tasting party, the answer is anytime! There’s no need to have a special occasion for your tasting, however if you’re looking for some ideas or themes for your event, here are a few recommendations. Our at home wine tastings are great for:




-Bridal showers

-Holiday parties

-Girls night out

-The Bachelor/Bachelorette Viewing Parties


-Bubbly brunch

-Back to school night

-and so much more!

Host Your First Tasting

If you can’t wait to host your first tasting with us, click the link below to learn more and get started. Be sure to tag us on social with pictures from your event for a chance to be featured on ONEHOPE’s Instagram! We look forward to hearing all about it, and seeing what kind of impact you make with the charity of your choice!

Learn more about hosting


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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