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How to Win Wedding Season with Wine

Tis the season. Not for snow and “ho-ho-ho,” but for something blue and a lot of “I-do.” Navigating wedding season can be more than a little stressful, and also the foundation for a lifetime of incredible memories. Since wine can both relieve stress and serve as the centerpiece for major memory making, we thought it’d be appropriate to find a way to work wine into every aspect of this wedding season. Cheers!

bride holding a onehope wine silver glitter bottle at a wedding

The Bachelorette Party

First things first- hire a driver. Or take an Uber, whatever, but make sure everyone is safe to consume wine without the worry of having to drive after. Next up? Keep it fun. While you can hand out flasks for everyone, that’s a little old school. In 2018, it’s all about the bangle flask, or even a “super-sipper.” Think of a fun, brightly colored plastic cup that’s adorable and affordable, since you’re probably going to lose it at some point during the night. Make sure you’re not breaking open container laws if you plan to drink in public because not all police officers moonlight as bachelorette party superstars.

Wedding Day Bubbly-Flies

You’ve heard of the wedding day “butterflies”, right? Well, we’re calling them bubbly-flies this year. That’s because you’re going to be the best bridesmaid in the room when you break out a case of mini glitter bottles of sparkling wine. Available in silver or gold, these sparkly stunners support ending childhood hunger. Drop a fun straw into the small bottles to create a fun look that helps avoid spills on fancy dresses and lipstick smears. Bonus? Since the bottles are small, it makes it easy to avoid accidental overconsumption. Because no one wants to be THAT bridesmaid.

Gifts for the Newlyweds

A standard bottle of wine is fine, but it’s far from creative. Instead, we’re loving the idea of purchasing a bottle (or two) that comes in a decorative crate. Something like our Chardonnay and Cabernet Two Bottle Gift Box. Why is the box so important? Because you’re not going to wrap this gift. You’re going to label it “First Anniversary” and leave it (along with a few Sharpie markers) near the guest book at the wedding reception. In this way, guests can leave well wishes for the couple right on the box. The couple can relieve these wedding wishes on their first anniversary, and you’ll win the “coolest” wedding gift contest for sure.

Cheers to You!

Well done, you wine wielding diva! You’ve made it through the latest nuptials like a boss and have earned a nice glass of vino for yourself. Your gut instinct might be to grab a bottle of the cheap stuff from the bottom shelf at the Piggly Wiggly, but we’re here to stop you from that madness. Look, you’ve spent a ton of cash, time, and love on this whole wedding biz, it’s time to treat yourself. Grab a spendy bottle of your favorite varietal and enjoy it all to yourself. Or, if you’re into giving back, treat yourself to one of our Birthday Babe gift boxes. Calm down, we know it’s not your birthday. But this bottle of bubbly comes with confetti, balloons, and a rainbow sprinkles treat. All that while providing meals to children in need. There may be no better way to celebrate you.

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