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Mari’s 8 Ultimate Wine and Popcorn Pairings

When asked about her favorite wine and food pairings—you’ll often hear our Head Winemaker, Mari, discuss popcorn. At ONEHOPE, we find wine and popcorn to be a simple, delicious, and entirely versatile pairing. Whether you’re leaning toward sweet or savory, fancy or casual, you can fine-tune your popcorn party plan to suit your tastes.

From whites to reds, cinnamon sugar to truffle, get ready to dive into a sea of flavors with Mari’s ultimate list of eight wine and popcorn pairings. 

1. Vintner Collection Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosemary Popcorn

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“The rosemary herbal flavors complement the cassis and dark Cabernet fruit adding layers of complexity to the wine.” -Mari

2. Vintner Collection Chardonnay and Caramel Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“I love the caramel flavors that mimic the butterscotch and cream notes in Chardonnay.” – Mari

3. Vintner Pinot Grigio and Mimosa Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“This playful pairing adds citrus flavors for an explosive combination of fruit.” – Mari

4. Vintner Pinot Noir and Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Matching flavors found in wine is a great way to pair wines. In this pairing, the cinnamon popcorn brings out the barrel spice notes in the wine.” – Mari

5. Vintner Red Blend and Maple Bacon Popcorn 

“A sweet and savory pairing, this unusual combination complements the richness and depth of our red blend.” – Mari

6. Vintner Sauvignon Blanc and Chili Lime Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Pulling from the lime flavors in the wine, our chili lime popcorn balances the acidity and green fruit notes found in Sauvignon Blanc.” – Mari

7. Vintner Sparkling Brut and Truffle Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Truffles and Sparkling are one of my go-to pairings. Adding flavors of salt and earthiness of truffles really make this wine pop. No pun intended ;)” – Mari

8. Vintner California Rosé and Lemon Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Another one of my classic pairing combos, Lemon flavors complement any rosé, allowing the complexities to emerge from the glass.” – Mari

Ready to throw your own wine and popcorn pairing party? Gather up the wine and ingredients, invite your snack-loving friends, and get ready to pour (and to popcorn!) with a purpose. 

From all of us at ONEHOPE, happy snacking!

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