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Using Wine in your Thanksgiving Feast

A white-clothed table complete with fine china, real silver silverware, napkins with rings, and perfectly plated, balanced meals. Of course, you’ll need a wine to dress your feast.

onehope wine glitter bottle

Or, maybe, your Thanksgiving table has paper plates, crayons in a cup, and slightly scorched dinner rolls. In this case, your table most certainly needs wine. No matter what your Thanksgiving table looks like, there are ways to work in wine. Check it out.

We’re particularly fond of this roast turkey rosemary recipe that uses white wine. Using a low sodium chicken broth infused with white wine as a basting liquid, chefs work in lemon zest, rosemary, and honey for a glaze that is sweet, savory, and memorable. Dressing the platter with seasonal fruit completes the visual appeal. On a nice platter, this is one bird that will have your guests ready to dive in headfirst.

Want to use wine for more than just the bird? Here’s a look at how to work wine into other Thanksgiving Day favorites.

Cranberry Relish

That tart, tangy, beautifully colored thanksgiving favorite begs for an infusion of wine, doesn’t it? Adding red wine will not only make the color an even richer hue, it will also add complexity and additional fruit flavors to this iconic side. The trick is to choose a relatively dry red.

Green Bean Casserole

It feels like the one dish your family wouldn’t forgive you for leaving out. Green bean casserole has become almost as legendary as the turkey itself. But, if you’re like us, you’re ready for a new take on the classic. This year, try introducing bacon and a dash of dry, white wine. You’ll wind up with a more savory version of this American mainstay!

Wine and Cheese Bread 

While we doubt your kitchen will need any help smelling wonderfully on Thanksgiving Day, this bread recipe is especially aromatic. And, really, is there anything quite as enticing as freshly baked bread? Using the same dry white wine as in the green bean casserole, this recipe also calls for shredded cheese. The result is a soft, fragrant bread that is rich, yet light enough to be eaten on its own or with a topping.

Red Wine Apple Pie

Stay with us on this one! By adding a sweet red wine, think Port, to your apple pie, you’re able to highlight complexities of the apples without losing their tangy, sweet flavor. The result is a color infusion that offsets the flaky crust and looks incredibly festive. The overall impression is just different enough to catch the attention of your guests, without deviating too far from this favorite dessert item.

Thanksgiving Sangria

Not all wine use has to be for cooking! We’re particularly fond of this sangria recipe that looks as warm and welcoming as it tastes. Using vodka and Cava, work in clementine and cranberries for this visually stunning drink. Plus, since you craft sangria by the pitcher, you only have to mix drinks once or twice to allow for several servings. This is a smart use of your time that is beautiful and delicious to boot!

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