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Celebrate Giving Every Day

At ONEHOPE, our mission is to bring together a community that makes the world better through memorable wine and experiences. We believe that giving back is a crucial component to making the world better, and is something that each and every one of us should strive to do more often. Rather than making a donation or volunteering once a year, we challenge you to make giving a part of your everyday life.

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So how can you celebrate giving every day? The first step is to become more cognizant of those in need. By being more present and thinking about how your actions can benefit others, you can find new ways to give back and make an impact on the world around you. Here are some simple actions you can take to make a someone’s day:

  • Find a local nonprofit in need of volunteers: whether it’s a soup kitchen, animal rescue, or homeless shelter, there are countless nonprofits that are in need. Visit or VolunteerMatch and search by location to find a nonprofit near you
  • Visit a senior center and spend time with the elderly: some senior citizens in assisted living homes rarely get visits from friends or family. By simply showing up and going on a walk with them, playing a game or reading a story, you can give them a reason to smile
  • Carry a bag of toiletries & food in your car for the homeless: homelessness is a devastating problem, and more often than not, someone in this circumstance is in need of basic items we take for granted. Carry a reusable bag filled with necessities like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, water bottle, and non-perishable pantry items that you can pass out the next time you see someone’s who is homeless
  • Shop from companies that give back: whether you’re looking for clothing, food, travel items or home goods, there is a company out there that has the item you need, but also gives back year round. Do some research, and keep an eye out for items that give back to those in need
  • Clean up a beach or park: spend an afternoon outdoors and clean up trash at your local park or beach. Not only does this keep public spaces clean and sanitary for visitors, but it also makes a big difference for animals living in those environments

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  • Donate a portion of your paycheck to charity: set aside a portion of each paycheck to donate to a cause you care about. Every penny helps, and your contribution will always be appreciated
  • Buy someone’s coffee today: it’s easy to go through the motions each morning, rush through lines, or download apps that do the ordering for you. But the next time you’re waiting in line at a coffee shop, surprise the person behind you and pay for their drink. Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make someone’s day
  • Donate your clothes to a local shelter: whether you do a spring cleaning or jump on the “KonMari” train, rather than tossing your clothes or selling them at a garage sale, try donating them to a women’s shelter or homeless shelter.  
  • Foster or adopt an animal: the more dogs and cats we can get out of shelters and into the warm, loving homes they deserve, the better. Each fostered or adopted animal makes room for one more in need of rescuing, and prevents that precious fur baby from unnecessary euthanization. Visit your local shelter or animal rescue to inquire about fostering and adopting
  • Spread kindness wherever you go: whether it’s giving someone who’s having a bad day a hug, leaving a happy note for a random stranger, or mowing the neighbor’s lawn, we could all use a bit more kindness in this crazy world

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Do Good with ONEHOPE

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this blog, it’s that each day we want you to pause, take a moment, and think about how you can make the world a little bit better. At ONEHOPE, we work with nonprofits around the world and give back with every bottle of wine, bag of coffee, and gift on our site.

If you want to increase your giveback with ONEHOPE, you can join our community and become a Cause Entrepreneur, host a wine tasting that gives back to the cause of your choice, or join The Grapeful Club and donate an extra 10% each year to the nonprofit you love. No matter what you do, you can always find a way to celebrate giving every day.


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