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Meet the Cause Entrepreneur: Katie

What if we told you that you could start 2019 off with a new career or side hustle where you could share wine from home, earn an income, go on amazing trips, and make a difference in the world around you? Hear firsthand about what it’s like to be a Cause Entrepreneur with ONEHOPE from Katie and see how this dream job can become your reality.

1. When did you join ONEHOPE?

October 2017

2. What was your first tasting like?

It was a wine and candy pairing with friends, coworkers, and neighbors! I was super nervous, but it was so much fun to share the wines, the mission of ONEHOPE, and my new adventure with them. I learned that people do not judge you on how much you know but really enjoy getting together and giving back to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts!

3. Did you have a vast knowledge of wine prior to joining?

No! ONEHOPE has provided me with amazing opportunities and training to learn more about the wines, but I still have lots to learn about wine. What I love about this company is that you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge to be successful in this business. People see your passion and how much you love the company, and that is the most important part, but our wine is amazing so that definitely helps!

4. What was your occupation before becoming a Cause Entrepreneur?

I’m a small animal veterinarian and am still the managing veterinarian at my clinic currently, but ONEHOPE has given me the opportunity to reflect on where I want to go with my life. I love being a part of something bigger, and being able to make an impact in the world by giving back to local and global non-profits. I’ve also been able to meet people I would have never reached out to in my local community by working with ONEHOPE.

5. How would you describe the role of a Cause Entrepreneur to someone who has never heard of ONEHOPE before?

I get to help host wine parties that give back to local and global non-profits with wine that makes a difference. My job is simple in that I get to bring friends, family, coworkers and even strangers together to make a bigger impact in this world through amazing wine and good times!

6. Who is your current role model and why?

Where do I begin?! Jes Landau has taught me to never be afraid to get a no and to reach out to anyone and everyone about our amazing opportunity we have. Jake Kloberdanz for creating a company that makes a huge impact in this world and taking a risk to achieve his dream. I also follow Brendon Burchard who has been very influential in my life in helping me realize my true potential and what I am capable of in my life.  

7. What are your resolutions for 2019?

I want to take my ONEHOPE business to the next level and replace my veterinarian income! I want to surround myself with a wine team who is as passionate as I am to make a difference in this world and leave a mark that helps others realize how influential we can be. I want to achieve Director status within the first 3 months and continue to climb in the company because I love my entire ONEHOPE family!

8. Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not a lot of people know!

I won a bacon eating contest last summer! I also went to veterinary school in New Zealand!

9. What is your favorite memory so far with ONEHOPE?

Attending CRUSH! Everyone needs to attend! This is where I committed myself to making this a business rather than a hobby. I got to know so many teammates and others in the company better, and also see what impact we were making in people’s lives. It was a truly amazing experience and I can’t wait for Nashville!  

10. What is currently in your wine fridge/bar cart?

Oh boy! My husband recently bought me a wine fridge for my birthday so I have a lot of wines and they are all ONEHOPE because they are so tasty! I have to say I love our New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc so that is always on hand!  

New Year, New Career

If your New Year’s resolutions include getting more involved with nonprofits, making lifelong friends, and starting a new fulfilling job, we’re here to help. Click the button below to learn more about this amazing opportunity and help spread the mission of ONEHOPE!

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