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Meet the Cause Partner: WildAid

Recently it was reported that almost 90 elephant carcasses were discovered near the Okavango Delta, a popular tourist destination and wildlife sanctuary in Botswana. We are both enraged and heartbroken that the lives of these animals were taken for the benefit and sale of ivory. Our cause partner, WildAid, works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and to increase local support for conservation efforts. There are multiple ways that you can show your support:

  • Tourism: learn more about WildAid’s expeditions in Africa
  • Donations: make a difference in ending the illegal wildlife trade here
  • Awareness: post and share WildAid’s information and mission to get the word out (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

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About WildAid

Poaching and illegally trading wildlife has grown to become a multi-billion dollar criminal industry, largely due to a high consumer demand across the globe. While most wildlife conservation groups promote scientific studies and anti-poaching efforts, WildAid’s mission is to reduce the global consumption of wildlife products, while raising awareness and driving local support to these conservation efforts.

In addition to this, WildAid works closely with their ambassadors, partners, and governments to conserve and protect our fragile marine wildlife from shark finning and illegal fishing. Their goal is to keep the public educated and gain their support for these anti-poaching efforts, while also reducing the impacts of climate change.


With nearly $300 million worth of donated media placement each year, WildAid’s viral campaigns feature some of the most influential leaders and celebrities in the world who are advocating for change and wildlife conservation. These impactful video, print, and online advertisements have significantly helped to drive awareness arounds ani-poaching and conservation; resulting in major drops in prices and demand for endangered species products.

Wines for Wildlife

We are proud and privileged to partner with WildAid to further their efforts and mission to eliminate poaching and illegal wildlife trading. To help drive awareness, every bottle of our Carneros Reserve Pinot Noir and San Luis Obispo Reserve Pinot Noir helps educate 375 people on how they can save endangered species. To date, you’ve helped us educate 3,285,390 people and counting.

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Increase Your Donation with The Grapeful Club

If WildAid is a cause that is close to your heart, you can further your donation by joining The Grapeful Club. For $19.99 a year, you can donate an extra 10% to the cause of your choice while saving 20% on wine shipments. Give graciously, save abundantly.

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The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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