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What Is Love to You? A Pride Video with Dan Gora

Today, in honor of Pride month, we are infinitely proud to share the profound and poignant words of ONEHOPE’s very own Estate Operations & Test Kitchen Manager, Dan Gora. Watch this video or read his words below as he shares his insight into what love is to him.

What Is love to you? written by Dan Gora 

Loving yourself takes time.

You have to take the time to look within yourself, and ask yourself: Who am I really? What do I stand for? What do I need to do to make myself happy?

There’s something profound in realizing that you deserve the best version of yourself possible, and having the courage to go out and chase that, to choose yourself.

Pride 2022 | Love is Love

It’s realizing that the parts of yourself that you once thought weren’t good enough or too different are the exact things that the world needs more of.

It’s being able to step out into the world with the vulnerability and strength to hold no part of yourself back. It’s letting the love you have for yourself be so strong and so contagious that it sparks others to be their most authentic self as well.

It’s acknowledging that the parts of you that were once bruised and battered are what built the resilience for you to come back stronger, fiercer and more determined than ever. Hope is when even in your darkest nights, knowing that morning will come soon enough. It’s also realizing that only when something is cracked that the light can get through.

Pride 2022 | Love is Love

It’s knowing that investing in yourself will always be worth it. And taking the time to fill your cup because you know that you can’t pour into someone else’s without yours being full first.

It’s examining the so-called script full of expectations that life handed you, and disregarding any items that don’t serve you. It’s having zero fear around creating a life full of only the things and people that you love and chasing your dreams.

Pride 2022 | Love is Love

It’s having the courage to make the choices that are best for you, and not sacrificing long term happiness for short term comfort.

Loving yourself means loving all of yourself. There’s something magical about walking into rooms as your best & most authentic self. Rooms filled with people that only lift you higher and take you to new heights you’ve only dared to dream about…until now.

– Dan Gora

Thank you, Dan, for sharing your wise words with the world. Cheers to love! And don’t forget to shop our Limited Edition Pride Bottle today.

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