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National Popcorn Day: Wine & Popcorn Pairings

Today marks National Popcorn Day, and while wine may not be the first thing you think of when you think of this scrumptious treat, we promise you that it will be after you read this blog. Popcorn offers a perfect blank canvas to be infused with any number of flavor combinations that can pair beautifully with many different wine varietals. ONEHOPE winemaker Isadora Frias got into the Test Kitchen to whip up some of her favorite pairings that we can’t wait for you to try. These pairings are perfect for your next girl’s night, movie date night, or for your own self-care night! Make them your own and play around with your favorite flavor combinations for your upcoming Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even Super Bowl plans!


1. Vintner Collection Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosemary Popcorn

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Fresh Rosemary (and herbs in general) compliment and elevate the classic dried herbs notes in Cabernet.” -Isadora


2. Vintner Collection Chardonnay and Caramel Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“The sweet from the caramel enhances the acidity and freshness of the Chardonnay as well as the round mouthfeel. The caramel embraces the wine’s aromas as well.” -Isadora


3. Vintner Pinot Grigio and Mimosa Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“A touch of salt on the popcorn causes an explosion of citrus and white flower aromas in the wine!” -Isadora


4. Vintner Pinot Noir and Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“Cinnamon in the wine, cinnamon in the food! A pinch of sugar and boom! Best congruent pairing ever.” -Isadora


5. Vintner Red Blend and Maple Bacon Popcorn 

“The saltiness and fat of the bacon breaks through the sweetness of the maple, coating the mouth for this smooth red blend. The crunchiness in the popcorn makes for a magical pairing.” -Isadora


6. Vintner Sparkling Brut and Truffle Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE

“The bubbles from this sparkling Brut will cleanse your pallet and allow the truffles to be even more pronounced. The perfect partnership!” -Isadora


8. Vintner California Rosé and Lemon Popcorn 

Wine and popcorn pairings with ONEHOPE


Ready to throw your own wine and popcorn pairing party? Gather up the wine and ingredients, invite your snack-loving friends, and get ready to pour (and to popcorn!) with a purpose. 

From all of us at ONEHOPE, happy snacking!

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