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Women in Wine: ONEHOPE’s Leading Ladies

ONEHOPE’s Leading Ladies & Their Favorite Wines

In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the leadership and passion for wine at ONEHOPE (and their cherished selections). 


As Women’s History Month unfolds, it’s a time for reflection, celebration, and, at ONEHOPE Wine, a toast to the extraordinary women who infuse our company with strength, vision, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. From our Founder and Chief Impact Officer to our Chief Winemaker, these women are not just crafting exceptional wines; they are shaping a community and leading with purpose. Today, we’re honored to share a glimpse into their world and the wines they hold dear.



Tiffany Wojtkiewicz – President of ONEHOPE Wine

iffany Wojtkiewicz, President of ONEHOPE Wine headshot and signature

With a robust background in the wine and spirits industry, Tiffany Wojtkiewicz stands out as a pillar of entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Her approach combines a razor-sharp analytical mind with an intuitive sense for problem-solving, driven by a mission to unite and inspire. Tiffany’s leadership style is rooted in honesty, accountability, and a genuine commitment to elevating those around her.

Tiffany’s Current Favorite Wines

  • Herstory Rosato:
    A testament to Tiffany’s love for Italian Rosé, the Herstory Rosato dazzles with its medium body, a sweet hint, and notes of rose petal, white strawberry, and cherry candy. It’s a wine that celebrates women’s achievements and pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes.
    Wine Details: Notes of rose petal, white strawberry, and cherry candy. Pairs with watermelon jerky, prosciutto pizza, and lemon risotto.
  • Vintner Rosé:
    As spring approaches, Tiffany’s second choice, the Vintner Rosé, stands out for its beautiful story and label. The wine features a rich strawberry backbone, complemented by hints of cherry, watermelon, and citrus, perfect for seasonal transitions.
    Wine Details: Notes of watermelon, strawberry, bing cherries, and blood orange. Pairs with baked ham, strawberry salad, grilled tomatoes, fresh herbs, or blended into a watermelon mint frosé.



Kristen Shroyer – Chief Impact Officer at ONEHOPE Wine

Kristen Shroyer, Chief Impact Officer at ONEHOPE Wine headshot and signature

Kristen Shroyer’s journey in the wine industry is marked by over 16 years of exceptional leadership and a passion for making a difference. As a co-founder of ONEHOPE Wine, Kristen has been instrumental in driving the company’s mission to combine business growth with social impact, contributing significantly to various causes.

With her innovative approach and dedication to giving back, Kristen has revolutionized the wine industry, proving that business success and social responsibility can go hand in hand. In April, Kristen shared her insights as a guest on not one, but two podcasts—discussing her journey with Lindsay Pinchuk on the “Dear FoundHer” podcast and diving into being business savvy with Melanie Barr on the “She Built It” podcast.

Kristen’s Current Favorite Wines

  • Vintner Sauvignon Blanc:
    Known affectionately as “Sauvy B,” this wine reflects Kristen’s enduring love for Sauvignon Blanc, offering a light, crisp, and refreshing experience that’s perfect for sunny days, wherever the heat finds you.
    Wine Details: Notes of lime, lemon, guava, and star fruit. Pairs with citrus sorbet, oysters, grilled artichokes, lemon pie, and spring board with lemon hummus.
  • Paso Robles Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon:
    A favorite for both drinking and gifting, this Cabernet Sauvignon features velvety smooth tannins and is beautifully presented in a bottle adorned with gold foil illustrations, embodying artistry and quality.
    Wine Details: Our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is from the Paso Robles AVA in Paso Robles, California. This ripe and densely structured Cabernet Sauvignon is layered with complex aromas and perfect for an elevated culinary experience. Notes of dried herbs, vanilla, and chocolate. Pair with walnuts, braised greens, blue cheese stuffed flank steak, and rosemary cake.

onehope wine woman founder featured podcasts cover photos



Isadora Frias – Winemaker at ONEHOPE Wine

Isadora Frias, Winemaker at ONEHOPE Wine headshot and signature

With an initial background in engineering, Isadora’s first foray into winemaking occurred during an unexpected school strike, leading her to participate in a harvest in Australia’s Barossa Valley. This experience ignited a passion for winemaking, propelling her to travel the world working various harvests before pursuing a Master’s in Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis. Now based in California, Isadora is celebrated for her dedication to crafting exquisite wines and her contributions to meaningful causes, particularly cancer research and access to clean water, reflecting the essence of ONEHOPE’s mission to make a difference through every bottle.

Isa’s Current Favorite Wines

  • Monterey County Pinot Noir:
    Isa is a fan of the Reserve Pinot Noir for its embodiment of a classic Monterrey Pinot Noir’s charm. She cherishes its fruit-forward profile, which makes it versatile enough to complement meals or to be enjoyed on its own, in any weather. This wine’s appeal lies in its adaptability and the way it captures the essence of its origin, making it a standout choice for any occasion.
    Wine Details:  Notes of dried cranberry, cherry, sassafras, and umami. Pairs with cheese and chutney, cranberry rice salad, lamb gyro, and dark chocolate.
  • Pink Shimmer Sparkling Rosé:
    Isa loves the Pink Shimmer Sparkling Rosé for its unique combination of brut sparkling wine’s freshness and the delicate, floral notes typical of a rosé. This adoration stems from the wine’s ability to beautifully balance the crispness one seeks in a sparkling wine with the aromatic and visual allure of rosé, making it a favorite for its elegance and versatility.
    Wine Details: Our dazzling ONEHOPE Shimmer Collection is the perfect addition to any occasion. This California Sparkling Rosé is floral and effervescent with flavors of pomegranate and pink lady apple and pairs with frittatas, grilled octopus dishes, citrus salads.



Toasting to a Future Inspired by Herstory

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, the stories of Tiffany, Kristen, and Isadora remind us of the impact that passion, leadership, and a commitment to excellence can have. Their favorite wines, each with its own story and character, invite us to explore the rich tapestry of ONEHOPE Wine’s offerings. This month, let’s raise a glass to the remarkable women at the helm of ONEHOPE Wine and to women everywhere who inspire and lead with courage and grace.


Join us in honoring Women’s History Month by exploring our “Herstory” collection, a trio that supports causes vital to the empowerment and advancement of women everywhere. Together, let’s celebrate the stories, achievements, and contributions of women throughout history and in our lives today.

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