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Our 20 Favorite Wine Ice Cream Recipes!

There is no better way to relax and enjoy what’s left of our warm, sunny, and carefree summer days than with a nostalgic ice cream cone (unless, of course, that ice cream cone is filled with wine ice cream).

Yes, wine ice cream is a thing. And it’s delicious.

Here’s a roundup of our top 20 favorite wine ice cream recipes you simply have to try before fall settles in.

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  1. Claiming our number one spot is a perfectly bubbly sparkling wine ice cream. Because really, is there any better way to celebrate summer than with champagne?
  2. Merlot, meet Madagascar- worlds collide with this vanilla and merlot concoction!
  3. Did someone say cheesecake? We tried, but we couldn’t find anything to dislike about this blueberry marbled, red wine featuring, cheesecake ice cream flavored bit of paradise.
  4. Think nothing left out there can take your breath away? Clearly, you haven’t tried a Sangria Sorbet.
  5. Maybe you’re a no-fuss type of cook. If that’s the case, this recipe only has 3 ingredients standing between you and a whole lot of yum.
  6. Chocolate covered strawberries? Don’t mind if we do! This no-churn strawberry & red wine ice cream recipe is a dandy!
  7. Summer is all about the fruit, and this recipe packs it all in. Moscato blended with blackberries and only three other ingredients? We’re sold.
  8. For the gourmet out there– this one is a little bit fancy pants. Blend up some fig, muscat wine, and pistachios for this tasty treat. It’s OK to brag when you’re done, too.
  9. If you’re a ‘Death by Chocolate’ type of foodie, then this Ultimate Dark Chocolate & Malbec recipe is a must-try for you.
  10. There is nothing not to love about this champagne sorbet recipe. It’s light, refreshing, sweet, and with a special citrus zing to it, totally unique!
  11. Perfectly pink and pleasantly healthy, this recipe may call for a whole box of red wine, but it substitutes all added sugar for Stevia and packs a nice protein punch with added Greek yogurt.
  12. Get your Italian on with a gelato recipe unlike any you’ve ever tried. Introducing poached pear gelato with Moscato wine. Finished with a few crave worthy spices like cinnamon and honey, this one is a keeper.
  13. Italy isn’t your place? How about the Mediterranean? This frozen yogurt recipe blends Greek yogurt with honey and cocoa for the perfect end to a hot sunny day.
  14. Finishing out our world tour, we present this frozen apple halva. Influenced by the Indian dessert, this recipe features rose wine.
  15. Here’s one that is NOT for the kids! It may not have wine, and it might sound far-fetched, but pairing Lucky Charms cereal with whiskey makes one heck of a treat. Don’t trust us? Try this recipe out for yourself!
  16. Shout out to our White Zinfandel lovers! This recipe pairs your favorite vino with zesty cherries in a sorbet that just screams “poolside treat.”
  17. Not convinced? Here’s another White-Zin crowd pleaser, this time offering a tangy raspberry influence. May we suggest some dark chocolate to go along with it?
  18. Super simple and sure to please, here’s another red wine ice cream that’s as easy to whip up as it is to enjoy!
  19. Perhaps you know your limitations, and ice cream creation just isn’t in your skill set. In that case, how about a nice raspberry & champagne ice cream float? Try this one.
  20. Don’t have time for summer wine ice cream? That’s why we saved this one for last. This rich, custard based brown sugar Brandy treat is perfect for fall, too.

For all your wine ice cream needs, make sure to shop our collection of whites, reds, rosés, and sparklings. Every purchase gives back and helps make a lasting impact.

Together, we can nourish the future for generations to come.



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