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5 Fun Facts About Moscato


Today is National Moscato Day and to celebrate, we decided to put together a list of our favorite fun facts about this refreshing, semi-sweet wine that you’ll be sipping all season long!

  1. The Muscat grape is one of the oldest grapes in history. While heavily grown in Piedmont, Italy, this grape is actually grown in every wine region on Earth, and was likely born in Egypt!
  2. Muscat grapes almost always produce a pronounced, sweet floral aroma. While the wine itself is sweet, it actually has a low alcohol content (around 5-7% ABV) which means that despite the sweeter flavor, Moscato is not considered a dessert wine.
  3. Moscato comes from the Muscat Canelli grape, which is a tiny grape with a BIG impact in the winemaking world. If you think you’ve never tried Muscat Canelli before, think again! It takes on a variety of aliases including Muscat Blanc, Muscat d’Alsace, Muskateller, Moscatel, and the one almost everyone recognizes, Moscato.
  4. While full carbonated, or sparkling, versions of Muscat Canelli exist, most all will be “semi-fizzy.” In the wine world, winemakers call this method of presentation frizzante.
  5. Most noted for being sweet, Moscato (Muscat Canelli) wines should also be noted for their orange blossom, peach, and nectarine flavors. The bouquet consists of honeysuckle, vanilla, rose, jasmine, and caramel. YUM!

Try Them All at ONEHOPE!

Ready to give Moscato a try? We have 3 delicious wines to choose from, each providing their own unique flavor profiles and aromas. Click the links below to try them all!

North Coast Reserve Muscat: lively and fresh with balanced acidity and a touch of sweetness, our North Coast Reserve Muscat will surely become your new favorite. With notes of fresh peaches, meyer lemon, and lily aromas, it pairs beautifully with thai food, goat cheese, or a peach galette.

Estate Napa Valley Moscato: made from the Oso Vineyard in Napa Valley, this off-dry wine resembles what you would find in a traditional Moscato. With notes of honeyed apricot, fresh peach, aromatic blossoms, and a sweet, nectar-like finish, it is the perfect wine to impress your guests with during appetizers. Try this wine by joining our Preferred Customer Program, as it is exclusive to members only!

California Muscat Canelli: the sweetest of these three wines, our California Muscat Canelli has delicious flavors of orange blossom, zinger tea, lemon zest, and white peach. At just $20, this wine is a real sweet deal!

The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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