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An Afternoon with Bright Horizons School in Jamaica

“We only have what we give.” – Isabel Allende

On a warm morning in Jamaica, the ONEHOPE team boarded a bus and wound our way through the streets of Montego Bay—past the brightly colored storefronts and waterfront resorts, through the green landscape and canopy of palm trees, and onto the property of Bright Horizons School. 

A local preschool and kindergarten, Bright Horizons is set adjacent to a community park where cows and goats roam and locals stroll down the streets in preparation for their days of work ahead. Upon entering the school, we venture past the small play yard and find ourselves amongst the five classrooms, each broken apart by age group. There’s reading and laughing, coloring and singing, reciting and writing. 

The small rooms are bustling entirely with energy, activity, and most importantly—joy.

“Come in,” the representative says, and she guides us through the first of the small classrooms.

“What do we say to our guests who are here?” the principal, Mrs. Wade, asks the children, and they recite lyrical prose to welcome us, followed by a song they’ve been practicing. 

There’s already an uncanny sense of gratitude and warmth among the Jamaican people, though this is magnified when you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by the sweetness of the Jamaican children. From an early age, the children are taught and encouraged to sing. Their ability to harmonize together as a unit is almost symbolic of the way they function as a culture—where one voice ends, another begins, and together they look after one another. Both children and adults exude the same kind of care for any visitors to their country, regardless of where they’ve traveled from. 

The ONEHOPE team, along with our Cause Entrepreneur community of leaders, spends the afternoon painting a place for the kids to play hopscotch and repainting playground furniture, planting things that they will watch grow, and playing in the open field with the children. The children, budding artists themselves, ask to use the cameras, snapping photos and taking videos alongside us. 

All of the beauty that abounds at this school is a reflection of the principal, Mrs.Valrie Wade, and her husband, who have dedicated their lives to serving these young children.Together, they’ve even gone so far as to donate their own home (which is now Bright Horizon School) so the children have a place to learn, grow, read, write, and sing. 

We are honored that Mrs. Wade welcomed us into her school with open arms and are excited to share her story with you.

While in Jamaica, we had the opportunity to improve the environment at a local school. The students and staff at Bright Horizons were welcoming and appreciative. I always want to know more about what life is like in the communities I visit. I was able to paint a hopscotch court and bond with a fellow traveler, Mike Walker. That memory holds a special place in my heart. Leaving the places I visit a little better than I found them is very important to me. Whether we share a meal, kind words, or physically improve a space- we all have something important to give. – Katie Sonnie

Help ONEHOPE Give Back

Our unbelievable Cause Entrepreneur community rallied together to donate school supplies to the children during our time in Jamaica. Whether they were checking an extra piece of luggage filled with books or packing their carry-on with crayons—we are so proud of them for their hard work and their hearts. 

Are you ready to help ONEHOPE give back? 

With over $9 million donated to date, our company is proud to make an impact 365 days a year. If you’re interested in joining us on our journey to nourish the future, host a wine tasting fundraiser to raise awareness for a cause you’re passionate about. You can also purchase wine directly from our website, select your nonprofit of choice at checkout, and we’ll give 10% back to your cause. Or, join our Wine Club, and make an impact with every shipment while you taste award-winning wines!

With ONEHOPE, you can give back your way—today and every day.

From all of us to you, cheers!

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