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Celebrating the Veterans in our Community

This Veterans Day we want to spotlight the heroes and their families in our Cause Entrepreneur Community who have fought to protect and serve our country so bravely. Not only are these women veterans, but they are also philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers who share wine and give hope to help us nourish the future.

Meet Diana

I was in the US Navy from 2007 to 2016. I started off being stationed at a Helicopter Squadron in Jacksonville, FL, before moving to Nofolk, Va on the USS GEORGE HW BUSH. From there I was stationed in Japan, where my youngest was born, before heading back to Jacksonville where I was honorably discharged. I’m a mom of three, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. I was able to receive two degrees thanks to the military and their tuition assistance program.

Meet Jennifer

I joined the Navy at twenty-years-old. I had been going to community college for two years doing nursing prerequisites, and nursing programs were impacted, meaning I would have to wait two or more years before I could get in. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be a nurse. 

A high school friend of mine was joining the Navy, so I went to see her recruiter. That day, I decided to join the Navy. Without telling my family, I completed my entrance exams and physicals and did my initial swearing in. On Thanksgiving Day of 1992, I told my family that I joined the Navy to become a Hospital Corpsman.

I served for 11 years from 1993-2003. I worked in hospitals taking care of newborns and mothers. I worked in outpatient clinics and got certified as an EMT. I became a surgical technologist and helped with pediatric heart surgeries. I deployed twice for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom on board the USS Bon Homme Richard, LHD 6. 

My grandmother and mother were always giving and caring people. I know I get that trait from them, but my time in the Navy also reinforced this trait. While in the Navy I was able to participate in community service projects with my command. I was able to experience first hand the lack of food, shelter, clean water, and education in many of the countries I went to, which strengthened my internal need to give back. 

After getting out of the Navy in 2003, I completed four degrees and three board certifications, and I am now a busy mom, wife, and nursing executive running an ambulatory surgery center. I am a patient advocate and look for ways to give back and help those in need. 

As a veteran, I have lost many friends either in combat or at home to their fight with PTSD. Through my ONEHOPE business I am able to help give to organizations that serve veterans and help others learn how they can give through simply purchasing a bottle of wine. The warm nature of our ONEHOPE Community of Cause Entrepreneurs reminds me of the camaraderie of my time in the Navy. We help and serve each other just as much as we help those in need. I can’t wait to see the impact everyone on my team and our ONEHOPE Community makes.

Meet Melissa

I joined the US Army when I was 18 years old, and it was the best thing I ever did. I became a Food Service Airborne soldier, where I jumped out of perfectly good planes for a living and cooked for my fellow soldiers. Joining the Army allowed me to become who I am today: a dedicated, hardworking, reliable, and dependable citizen within our communities.  

I had the pleasure of serving at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC, at Fort Lewis in Washington, in Vilseck Germany, and a short-lived period in the Reserves down in Oakland, CA all between 2002-2009. Unfortunately, while at Fort Bragg, NC, I injured myself during one of our scheduled night jumps, which has lately caused many challenges in my daily living, but I push through because I know my injury is nothing compared to some of my fellow soldiers that lose limbs or even their lives while serving our country. 

I joined ONEHOPE in July of 2020, because I wanted to give back in any and all ways possible to my fellow soldiers, and to the organizations that have been there for myself and my family for the past two years due to my son’s congenital heart diseases and Down Syndrome. ONEHOPE gives me the opportunity to not only enjoy and try delicious wines, but also opens the door to build a new family, lifestyle, and give back all at once!  I became a Senior Cause Entrepreneur within my first two weeks of joining ONEHOPE, thanks to my fantastic upline Kimberly Cronin, who is a great leader and is always there for us. I am looking forward to doing more and bringing more communities together with ONEHOPE Wine. 

Meet Angela

I served in the Air force from July 1992 to December 1996 as a graphic artist and audio visual specialist. I was stationed in Louisiana and Colorado, getting TDY in Las Vegas and the Pentagon.  

The biggest takeaway I got was the sense of family and how even after leaving they were there for me through some rough times.  

I loved my job, getting to photograph the Army Golden Knights while jumping out of an airplane with them, and designing patches that are now in the Air Force museum. I relate my time with the military to ONEHOPE in that the sense of family and purpose are strong, and no matter what I can count on both families if needed. Go Blue!

No matter what job a military member performs, we all oiled the squeaky wheel, just like the ONEHOPE crew!

Meet Christine

I served in the United States Air Force from 2004 – 2006. During that time, I was stationed in Texas at the Lackland and Sheppard Air Force bases, as well as Mississippi at the Keesler Air Force Base. 

From 2006 – 2010, I was a civilian with the Air Force. I was stationed in England at Mildenhall RAF, then came back stateside to Langley Air Force Base. During my time with the military I trained to be a Medical Technician. As a civilian, my education and skills helped me get positions in hospitals working with some of the best doctors. I learned that diligence, perseverance, and a commitment to serving others are the keys to achieving success in anything you do in life. These attributes have served me well with my ONEHOPE business. I make every day an opportunity to grow and give back to my community.

Meet Bryna

I started with a passion for wine and being able to give back. 

My Husband is a NAVY War Vet, signing his papers on 9/11 after the 2nd plane hit! Saying that he would fight to protect our country and EVERYONE in it, or die trying. The impact he made on my heart is something I’ve wanted to turn around and give back but didn’t know how. Now I have an endless way of impacting others and their loved ones as a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur.

Supporting Veterans 365 Days a Year

Thank you to all of the women and men that have served and continue to our country with honor. If you’re looking for a way to support veterans through ONEHOPE, shop our Vintner Red Blend where every bottle helps reunite veterans with a sense of purpose through disaster relief. Additionally, you can choose to donate your reward points to support Veterans causes in your account.  To date, we’ve assisted 14,263 veterans with the help of our passionate community. 

If there’s a nonprofit you love that gives back to veterans, host a virtual or in-person event with ONEHOPE where 10% of the proceeds go back to your cause of choice.

Contact your Cause Entrepreneur to host an event or visit to learn more.


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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