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Host Spotlight: Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica Chin from New Jersey. Jessica stumbled upon ONEHOPE when she was up late one night searching how to continue to fundraise for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in the midst of her walks being canceled due to COVID-19.

Raising a glass while raising funds virtually

Jessica ended up creating a Facebook group and hosting a virtual tasting, with the help of a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur named Stephanie. “We ended up having a $1500+ party. It was so much fun, even virtually, but I don’t think it would have been as fun if it wasn’t for the CE that I found. She made the whole party! She was wonderful!”

Jessica plans to host more parties in the future and share the ONEHOPE story and mission with her community. “I am so glad I found the company and feel so fortunate that I found this CE who was so supportive and went the extra mile. The wine tastes amazing. The price point is great. The ratings of these bottles are awesome. The company as a whole and the charitable organizations these bottles go to are exceptional. Also the shipping—lightning fast! I am so impressed with this company and just how perfectly everything went!”

Host an event with ONEHOPE

Are you interested in fundraising for a cause you’re passionate about? Learn more about hosting an in-person or virtual event with us and see how you can swirl, sip, and support with ONEHOPE. Contact your local Cause Entrepreneur or fill out the form on our Host page for more information. 


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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