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Hallo-Wine Pairings with Mari & Dan

Halloween is a magical holiday—a time when imagination and candy are plentiful, decor is spooky, and adult beverage and treat pairings are tasty! If you’re looking to drum up some hocus pocus with your fellow sipsters and sipsirs on this whimsical holiday, might we suggest a Hallo-Wine gathering? 

For tips on all the best Hallo-Wine pairings, we’re turning to ONEHOPE’s own gastronomic guru, Dan Gora, and the ultimate Hallo-Wine enthusiast, Mari Wells Coyle!

Candy & Wine Pairing 1: Sparkling Brut & Sour Patch Kids

Halloween ONEHOPE wine and candy pairing

Fresh, bright, and bubbly, our Vintner Collection Sparkling Brut is the ideal pairing for the sweet and tangy flavors of Sour Patch Kids. This Brut also has notes of pineapple, citrus, and green apple with a lasting creamy finish to cut down on some of those intensely sour candy flavors.

Candy & Wine Pairing 2: Pinot Grigio & Gummy Bears

Halloween ONEHOPE wine and candy pairing

Our Vintner Collection Pinot Grigio is bright and fresh with a touch of minerality and fresh stone fruit. Pair this juicy and crisp wine with a selection of subtly textured, fruit-forward gummy bears. 

Candy & Wine Pairing 3: Sauvignon Blanc & Skittles

Halloween ONEHOPE wine and candy pairing

If you’ve yet to try Sauvignon Blanc and Skittles, you’re in for a true Hallo-wine treat. Our Vintner Collection Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully tangy with bright tropical notes and citrus-forward flavors. This expressive wine tastes sublime alongside the complementary citrus-meets-tropical notes of Skittles.

Candy & Wine Pairing 4: Chardonnay & Almond Joy

Halloween ONEHOPE wine and candy pairing

Chardonnay offers a creamy texture that compliments the equally-as-creamy flavors of coconut. Plus, coconut has a slight bitterness, which makes it extra divine when paired with the layers of vanilla in our Vintner Collection Chardonnay

Candy & Wine Pairing 5: Pinot Noir & Twix Bars

There’s a reason why our Vintner Collection Pinot Noir alongside Twix Bars is Mari’s favorite combination! The smooth caramel combined with the wine’s silky tannins takes this delicious candy pairing to a whole new level. 

Candy & Wine Pairing 6: Cabernet Sauvignon & Hershey’s Kisses

Looking for a classic pairing alongside your beloved Hershey’s Kisses? With its notes of dark berries, toffee, and a hint of vanilla, our Vintner Collection Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect bottle to open and enjoy with a few milk chocolate candies. 

Candy & Wine Pairing 7: Red Blend and M&Ms

Halloween ONEHOPE wine and candy pairing

Big and bold with complex berries and cocoa aromas, our best-selling Vintner Collection Red Blend is full of depth and richness, like dense chocolate cake. Bring out all its nuances and flavors with a selection of classic M&Ms.

The Ultimate Candy Pairing: Cheers Witches!

Don’t forget! For the ultimate candy pairing, snag a bottle of our Cheers Witches Etched Shimmer and let the party ensue. 

We hope these fun and festive Hallo-wine pairings have you feeling all sorts of giddy about your upcoming spooky gatherings! Have any favorite candy and wine pairings of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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