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Host Spotlights: Pour with Purpose

At ONEHOPE, we believe that by bringing people together to share wine and give hope, we can nourish the future. That’s why we provide our community with a platform to raise both funds and awareness for causes they are passionate about through our at home and virtual wine tastings. Learn more about our fundraising events through our host spotlights below.

Meet the Host: Julie

What began as a day where girlfriends would get together to make pepper jelly has since inspired a new tradition—an annual ONEHOPE wine tasting. Find out how Julie Chandler of Castle Rock, Colorado, partners with her friend and ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur, Laurie Probsdorfer, to host amazing wine tasting events that also give back to her favorite charity.

Social butterfly

The only thing Julie loves more than having friends over is having them over for a wine tasting. Whenever she’s ready to open her home for a little fun, she simply gives her guest list to Laurie who sends out the invitations, helps choose the wines, and makes the pairing suggestions. “I love that everyone is so personally connected to each wine,” said Julie. “The stories that come out as we are tasting and talking about everyone’s connection to the different causes is always one of my favorite parts.”

Grateful to give back

As a breast cancer survivor, Julie is thankful not only to be alive and well—she’s grateful to be able to give back to the very cause partner that saved her life, the Gateway for Cancer Research. After being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given six months to live, Julie was able to take part in a clinical trial through the Gateway for Cancer Research. “I am here for my daughters and my husband today because of my participation in a clinical trial,” said Julie. “Needless to say, I am grateful for that opportunity and for the ability to help other women have access to that same miracle through my ONEHOPE wine tastings.”

Hosting advice

“Keep it simple. Be passionate about your cause. Invite lots of people! Just lean back and have fun yourself. Enjoy the time spent with your friends while raising money for the things

that you are passionate about!” -Julie C.

Meet the Host: Rophe Mason

You don’t have to have superpowers to host a wine tasting, but take one look at Rophe Mason from Hanover, Massachusetts, and you’d never know it. As a mother of three—including a new baby—a full-time working woman, and a Boston Marathon qualifier, Rophe decided to team with ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur Kendra Campbell to host a tasting. Her goal: to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital where her sweet son was a pediatric cancer patient. Here’s how she did it.

Fundraising, simplified

When Rophe told Kendra, a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur, that she was interested in hosting a tasting, the hardest part was over. Together, they created an amazing event that didn’t require extraordinary effort. “Remember, the tasting is done for you.” said Rophe. “To complement Kendra’s presentation, I just bought some finger foods, dusted off wine glasses, turned on some music, and enjoyed.”

In it for the long run

When Rophe’s not busy hosting wine tastings, working, or being a mom, she’s training for the 2020 Boston Marathon. Every bottle sold at her ONEHOPE tasting benefitted Boston Children’s Hospital, but she’s also proud to be running on their team in her son’s honor. “Make sure to let people know that the tastings are about more than just wine,” said Rophe. “The causes behind each bottle are huge for people in your community.”

Hosting advice

“You basically have friends over and enjoy your time together, all while fundraising. The best part is that it’s hassle free.”- Rophe M.

Meet the Cause Entrepreneur: Andria

Andria started with ONEHOPE after her husband died unexpectedly, and she discovered in a very real way that life is short. She was determined to find work that she enjoyed above all else, as she felt the weight of responsibility that was now on her shoulders to provide for her family. Andria decided that she wanted to show her twins that their mother is both strong and resilient, and so are they.

The perfect fit

Andria has been a wine lover for her entire adult life. When she found out that she could hold wine tastings and earn an income while doing so, she was sold.

After learning about the mission of making a difference in the world through memorable wine and experiences, she knew that the opportunity with ONEHOPE was the perfect fit for her.

Host advice

I discovered that by making an impact every time I go to work and leave the house for a wine tasting event, I’m providing a vehicle, not only for making a difference in my life, but I’m able to enroll my hostesses and their guests in the idea, that an individual can make a difference in the world. Not only through our cause partners, and the cherished charities, but also in giving people the opportunity to do the same.” – Andria B.


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