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How to Host with herstory

Have you been daydreaming of a wine-fueled adventure through Napa Valley or the countryside of Italy? Between differing schedules, booking flights, and hotel costs—an in-person wine-tasting trip requires plenty of up front thought and preparation.

So, why not bring that party to your own home and host a wine tasting fundraiser that gives back to a cause you care about?

Our new herstory Collection is a trio of premium Italian wines. Born from the idea that “every wine has a story—every woman does, too,” gather your sipsters and join us as we celebrate women who are serving their communities around the world.

Here are five simple steps to host an incredible wine tasting experience with herstory from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Connect with a Fundraising Specialist or Your Cause Entrepreneur

The first thing you need to do before planning your wine tasting is to fill out our hosting form online. If you aren’t sure what type of gathering you want to throw, or the exact date for your event, that’s ok! We can help by providing suggestions and examples of parties we love.

Once you’ve filled out our form, we’ll connect you with a Cause Entrepreneur with ONEHOPE, aka the wine and fundraising specialist. Your Cause Entrepreneur can assist you with how much wine you need to order, the best date and time, and how to plan a successful party.

Step 2: Choose a Cause

We’ve made it our mission to ensure that raising money for a nonprofit you’re passionate about has never been easier—or more delicious!

After your tasting, guests will have the opportunity to purchase any wine they liked (just like at a Napa tasting room!) and 10% of event sales will be donated to your cause of choice. Drinking wine and doing good? Count us in.

Step 3: Order Your Exclusive herstory Wines

Now comes the fun part…ordering your wine! Hosts and Wine Club members have exclusive access to our full portfolio of wines, so we can easily curate something just for your tasting! As a host, be the first to share our new trio of Italian wines—herstory—at your wine tasting

At ONEHOPE, we believe that every wine has a story—and every woman does, too. That’s why we’ve crafted this collection to inspire empowerment, resilience, and bravery among women around the world. 

This new collection features three unique varietals for you and your event attendees to explore—Italian Prosecco, Italian Rosato, and Italian Primitivo. Whichever one your guests reach for first, each of these wines is filled with depth and a memorable finish. To spark conversation while you sip, every bottle features line art of women of different cultures, race, gender identities, and abilities.

You can learn more about the details of the design and collection in a recent blog here.

Italian Prosecco

This bubbly Brut has a balanced acidity, a light body, and an off-dry sweetness with notes of pear and green apple. It pairs well with an aperitif, fruit and cheese plates, seafood chowder, and lemon cake.

Italian Rosato

This Rosato has low acidity and a medium body with notes of rose petal, white strawberry, and cherry candy. Pair it with watermelon jerky, prosciutto pizza, and lemon risotto.

Italian Primitivo

This dry red wine has a high acidity and medium body with notes of violet, sweet oak, dark cherry, and mocha. It’s delicious alongside savory lamb and pasta puttanesca.

If you need more direction on how much of each wine to order, make sure to connect with your Cause Entrepreneur, and they can provide the best recommendations for you.

Step 4: Send Out Invites

The wine is ordered, you’ve connected with a Cause Entrepreneur, and now all that’s left to do is pick a date and send your invites. There are lots of ways to invite guests. You can create a Facebook event online, send out an evite, or even a group text if you want to keep it simple! If possible, give your guests at least two weeks to reply so they have time to check their schedules, ask questions, and get geared up and excited for your tasting.

Step 5: Event Ideas

Your wine tasting event is just a few days away. If you want to keep it simple, get some cheese and crackers on the day of your tasting so guests can nibble as they sip on wine—or craft a charcuterie board utilizing some inspiration from Pinterest. 

Alternatively, you can make things a little more elevated by referencing the pairings above and encouraging guests to pair each herstory wine sampling with the corresponding culinary tidbit.

Since this collection is all about sharing our story, you can also set out pens and paper and make a writing activity part of your overall theme as well. Base your writing exercise around the themes of “I am empowered”, “I am brave,” and “I am resilient,” and then let your guests’ creativity and stories take it from there.

Mix, Mingle, and Make an Impact

The event you’ve been looking forward to for the past few months is finally here. Once your guests arrive, we suggest starting everyone off with a little bubbly toast before going into the tasting. 

Your Cause Entrepreneur will walk you through each bottle and discuss how the wine is made, the tasting notes, and the culinary pairings. This should be a fun and interactive experience, just like at a winery, so encourage your guests to ask questions and learn lots from your Cause Entrepreneur!

Once your tasting has concluded, guests will have the opportunity to order any bottles they enjoyed. Remind your guests that 10% of the proceeds from your wine tasting will go towards the fundraiser of your choice. If your friends want to order more after the event has ended, or if they aren’t sure what to pick during the tasting, they can always order online through your Cause Entrepreneur later in the week.

Want to Learn More?

Whether you’re looking to host a wine tasting for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just for a fun Friday night with friends, we’re here to help. Visit this link for more information and fill out our form to get started.

Also, don’t forget that Hosts and Wine Club members have exclusive access to herstory, but other exciting collections and varietals are also available. If you’re interested in joining our Wine Club, visit this link to learn more.

Cheers to women around the world!

With love,


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