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How to Open a Wax Seal

You’ve mastered the cork, dominated the screw top, but when it comes to a wax sealed wine bottle, you’re at a loss. Instead of busting out the blow torch or power drill, and panic sweating as you attempt to not-so-gracefully pop that cork, try following these 3 simple steps the next time you need to open a wax seal.

how to open a wax seal wine bottle

Step 1: Warm the wax

Place the top of the bottle in the middle of your palm and gently twist back and forth to create warmth and friction. This will help loosen up the wax, allowing your bottle opener to easily pierce the center. Aim for about 20 turns total.

Step 2: Open with a corkscrew

Take the tip of your corkscrew and place it directly in the center of the wax. Twist down through the cork and pull up. With the friction you created, your cork should easily pop straight through the wax.

Step 3: Pour and enjoy!

How easy was that?! The final step is to pour your wine into glasses, and give yourself a pat on the back for conquering the wax seal like a pro! 

Need a visual?

Check out this quick tutorial below from our CEO and Co-Founder Jake Kloberdanz as he demonstrates how to open the wax seal on our Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon!

Try it at home

Shop our Iconic Collection wines that feature 3 incredible wax topped bottles grown on the ONEHOPE vineyard in Napa Valley. Share your photos with us by tagging @onehope on Instagram so we can applaud your success!


The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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