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ONEHOPE Community Spotlights

If you’re looking to join a community of passionate, purpose-driven individuals that are on a mission to make a difference in the world, then you’ve come to the right place. ONEHOPE’s Cause Entrepreneur community is comprised of over 5,000 women and men that share wine and give hope to friends, family, and customers across the U.S. Whether you’re searching for the perfect side hustle, or want a fulfilling full-time career, as a Cause Entrepreneur you have the opportunity to earn an income while making an impact. But don’t just take our word for it, learn more about what it’s like to be a part of our community in the spotlights below.

Community Spotlight: Megan R.

Meet Megan, who resides in Middletown, New Jersey. Already an active advocate for organizations like American Cancer Society, Power of Pink, and Women Against Multiple Sclerosis, Megan was drawn to ONEHOPE’s community because it enabled her to raise money for people in need, all while discovering new wine and sharing it with her friends.

Personal and Purposeful

Like many of our Cause Entrepreneurs, Megan has a deep personal connection to the causes she chooses to support. “My mother, sister, aunt, and best friend all battled and beat breast cancer,” Megan says. A mother of three, Megan also underwent a preventative double mastectomy. “Every time I purchase or sip on a gorgeous crisp glass of ONEHOPE Chardonnay, it actu

ally warms my heart because I know I am, at that moment, doing something I enjoy at the end of my long, hard day, while doing good for a woman/women going through her own battle of beating breast cancer.”

Tasting Tips & Tricks

Megan has found success and fulfillment through ONEHOPE. Her recipe for success? “Just be yourself, have fun, and follow up. The wine is so great you don’t have to worry about them not wanting to purchase wine again.”

“It took me less than 48 hours to decide to become a CE for ONEHOPE. I couldn’t wait to join!”

-Megan R., New Jersey

Community Spotlight: Angela S.

Meet Angela, from West Orange, New Jersey. Setting out in search of a way to earn money to put herself through real estate appraisal school, Angela started hosting tastings with ONEHOPE. Only three short months later, she has made her mark on the ONEHOPE community by being promoted twice (yes, twice) and building a team that shares her passion and drive. “In almost three months with ONEHOPE, I have been able to build a team, be promoted to Impact Director and share my love of wine — all while making an impact!”

Close to home, close to heart

Angela enjoys giving back to charities close to home. She mentions one tasting in particular where she was able to help a friend raise money for a local charity, Welcome Home Jersey City, a community-based nonprofit organization that provides educational, employment and material support for refugees, asylees and asylum-seekers in the Jersey City area. 

Not just a job

What started as simply selling wine has turned into a passion for Angela, who is enjoying the flexibility and support she receives from the ONEHOPE community. 

“This business opportunity has evolved into a sense of freedom to access things my family would normally have to budget towards…

The best part is that everyone is rooting for your success. The community is so supportive.”

-Angela S., New Jersey

Community Spotlight: Jodi M.

Meet Jodi from Columbus, Ohio. Jodi knew she had to host a tasting after attending a neighbor’s ONEHOPE party. “I love wine, and even more than that, I love drinking wine with friends, while giving back! I could not resist hosting one, it was a win-win!”

Raising a glass while raising awareness

Jodi was empowered to raise money for myotonic dystrophy, a genetic disorder that has had a profound impact on Jodi’s family members. “I have seen firsthand how ugly it is. You don’t see a lot of awareness or fundraising for it either, so I was worried it might not be an option to choose from, but within five minutes of me asking…we had it set up!”

Fun, friends, and fundraising

Jodi believes that fun is at the center of every successful tasting. She even got creative with her food pairings. “I put together a charcuterie tray and I had so much fun doing it,” Jodi shares. “What is better than drinking wine with friends, while giving back to your own cause? I think the key is to just have fun!”

“I love drinking wine with friends, while giving back!”

-Jodi M., Ohio

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